Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Review #214: Ecoli - Swarm On the Swine 7" (2010)


Year: 2010
Hardcore Punk
Stress Domain Records
Length: 3 Minutes
My Rating:

Ecoli is a KUH-RAZY hardcore band from Califjornia, U.S.A. They have released several EPs in the past, including ones that I've already reviewed such as "Rape" and "Judas Cradle". Well, now thare back with a NEW RECORD, and this one only has three songs on it, so it's not as long as the two EPs before it. Ecoli's sound is far from generic... it's really noisy and weird and technical in a very non-metal way... anyways, let's listen to this PUNX ROXX KLASSIX, NOWX SHALLX WEX?

1. Incestuous Insects
SEE? See how immoral and unchristian this country has become? Even the INSECTS are practicing INSECT -- wait, I mean INSECT -- FUCK, I meant INCEST! Almost as fast as Deep Wound. The singer sounds a ton like Charlie Nakijama on this song. A layer of sonick sludge covers the noises, with echoes and all that stuff. Real fast and really weird-sounding riffs. The middle part is slow. I really like the guitar riff at the end. It's pretty cool.

2. He Feeds Me Carrion
I'm guessing that "he" is an eagle, hawk, or vulture of some sort. Sort of slow-ish intro, and then it gets faster than how fast that God and Satan ejaculate combined! GFGFGFGFGFGFGFGFFFFFGGGGG. Wow, these kids must be on something. They write something that sounds so primal and aggressive, yet it's definitely not simple. End of Side A.

3. Wind Chimes
Starts off with a bunch of weird, creepy noises probably made with tape manipulation. I like the chorus part. It has a cool riff. I can't understand any of the lyrics because the vocals are really muffled by the clattering and hissing and loudness of everything else in the mix. Not as fast as the two songs on Side A. In the second chorus, there's a real cool guitar solo. Awesome drumming, awesome riffs, awesome everything!! WINDCHIMES.

Well, this was a really good record. Short but awesome. No filler songs. This barely sounds like any other band I've heard. It's twisty, it's quirky, but it rocks too. Just as much no wave as it is hardcore. You'll hear really fast beats, unexpected tempo/time signature changes, great riffs, and other punk rock fuckery. So cum, listen to this EP, and maybe Ecoli will make another record one of these days. I feel this to be an improvement over their two older records. My only complaint is that the mixing severely lacks bass, which would give the songs a much more "full" sound and that would make this record sound even better. But besides that, it's real good!!

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