Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Review #213: Molested Youth - Demo #2 (2009)


Year: 2009
Hardcore Punk
Length: 9 Minutes
My Rating:

Molested Youth. Molested Youth. Molested was the Youth that had one tooth which he left on a booth hoping it would be retrieved by his friend named Ruth who did not do so because she was feeling too aloof on that day. Shit. Anyways, in 2009, Molested Youth got a new singer and recorded another demo with six songs on it. I dunno what else to say. Let's listen to the music.

1. The Genetic Jackhammer
The intro reminds me a ton of Void. Which is probably because I've been listening to Void a fucking ton lately. It really does sound like Void, but less crazy. I like Void. They are good. But this song is still pretty decent but it pales in comparison to anything by Void. I do like that riff that plays in the second half of the song, though.

2. Untitled
Awesome intro guitar riff. The first part is kinda slow. Then the song gets faster in the next part of the song. Nice bass riff. I really like the guitar riff that the band plays at about 1 minute into the song. It's cool. Then there's a solo!

3. Recycled Life
Nice thumpin' bass beat and a chugging guitar riff. The second section of the song is really fast and has cool-sounding lyrics even though I cannot understand them. Doesn't that SUCK? The third part of the song is fast but not as fast. Nice tempo-shifting.

4. Wasted Nights
I like how they did the intro guitar riff. It's kind of sad-sounding, and in the beginning they JUST play the guitar riff. Then the drums start playing along, and then speed up to twice as fast in the verse part. The final part sounds more like the beginning part.

5. Faces
Fast. The chorus part is cool. It has this drumbeat that goes... ah, whatever. It's cool. FUCKFUCKFUCK!! I CAN'T DO NOTHIN' I CAN'T DO NOTHIN' AGAIN. FUCK!

6. Snowicide/Nowhere Fast
This song is really fast. It's about how much winter sucks and how lame it is when there's nothing but snow everywhere. Kind of like now. YOU LIKE WINTER, I HATE YOU! The second song is "Nowhere Fast" and it's a little slower. Isn't Nowhere Fast ALSO a band? AND a song by the Lunachicks? Well, this iz not a cover of that song. The second half of this song is slow and they sing "I'M SO TIRED OF GOING NOWHERE" over and over again and then they say "FAST" because they play REALLY FAST SONGS ALL THE TIME!!!!!

Well, that's the Molestered Youth Demo Part 2. The band has also released a 7" record recently, so I'll review that one too in due time. The songs are all pretty good, they've got some good guitar riffs in most of the songs. But I dunno what else to say, so here's a picture of the band for you:

Top 3 Favorites:
1. Untitled

Wasted Nights
3. Recycled Life

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