Monday, November 22, 2010

Review #183: Government Warning - No Moderation (2006)


Year: 2006
Hardcore Punk
Feral Ward Records
18 Minutes
My Rating:

"No Moderation" is the second release and first full album from the Richmond, Virginia, United States, North America, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Universe hardcore punk band known az Government Warning. The production here on this album is a little more crisp. Like a crisper, full of vegetables, maybe? No? Okay, time to review ze songs...

1. No Moderation
Awesome riff, really fast. High energy. This song's about being young and completely reckless and drinking and breaking shit! "Set the night on fire, let it burn!". Cool drumming on this track. I'd like to live like this.

2. Jocks and Cops
The lyrics here are fucking hilarious... the song's about jocks who love to flex their muscles and get hard-ons for their own selves and go pick up chicks and can't wait to become cops so they can shove their nightsticks up a punk's rear end. Best lines: "you stand for everything that I hate." and "Hide that erection for Sylvester Stallone" -- ahahahahaah!

3. Cutting Room Floor
This song's about how the news takes emphasis off of the real problems of society and war and tries to hide the blame from the real culprits. There's a cool tempo-shift in one part.

4. Fat Nation
The guy actually sings here! This song's about fat people who do nothing but eat and sit on their asses and "gargle grease", eating fast food and never getting out or exercising or anything like that.

5. Self Medication
This one's a sort of sad song about a person who can't enjoy life due to money problems and does nothing but drink to the point that he's become an alcoholic. Great singing, and there's some background chorus vocals as well. End of Side A.

6. Trend City
The song starts out with a deeper-sounding riff and a slow beat, but then it gets really fast. It's about how trend-conscious the punk scene has become and mainstream society as well, and how he's "sick of cars and cellphones" and just wants to hide from it all at home. The second part of the song is slow also.

7. Slave Labor

8. Powder Keg
Really energetic and angry-sounding! The guitar rules here. Just a fucking good fast pissed-off song. Slower part at the end.

9. See the Truth
Awesome guitar riff. Really fast and to-the-point and stuff. It's an anti-religion song criticizing people who take up so much space in culture for the sake of "something that isn't even there".

10. Sick of Home
First half of the song is a repeated slow guitar riff. Then the song gets faster and Kenny sings about being turned into a ghost by fatigue and sells all his possessions and leaves with just a car and some drugs.

So, that's my review of the album. The lyrics describe a feeling of hopelessness in society and even his own friends. The music is pretty much what you'd expect from a typical hardcore punk record, and I have to admit that it can get a bit same-y, but the songs are still pretty good, so I give 'em credit for that. It's decent but I can't say it's the best fucking thing ever made. So that's all I can think of to say for now. Goodbye.

Top 3 Favorites:
1. See the Truth

2. Trend City
3. No Moderation

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