Monday, November 8, 2010

Review #177: Total Trash - Demo (2010)


Year: 2010
Hardcore Punk
Survive Records
8 Minutes
My Rating:

Total Trash is yet another cool new hardcore band from Toronto, Ontario. Having just formed earlier this year, this is their demo tape and it's got about five songs on it which are pretty cool, so let's reveu (pronounce it "rev-wah") it, now shall we? But before that, here's a few more details about the band: well... um... shit... I really don't know what the names of the band members are... crap. Well, let's see if I can identify any by looking at a picture of the band playing...




Let's see, that's... a straight-edge guy with glasses playing the guitar... I'll call him "Ian". And then, on the other guitar, there's a man wearing an Agnostic Front shirt... we'll call him "Agnes"... the singer is wearing a red shirt and making the shape of a sickle and hammer with his two arms so he's obviously a communist and his name is going to be "Joseph". And the drummer is invisible so he'll be called "Invisibo". That's right, Joseph (vocals), Ian (guitar), Agnes (bass/other guitar?), and Invisibo (drums). Now, time to talk about the songs.

1. Gregor Samsa
Awesome beat and a heavy bass riff. The singer sounds like a cross between Mike Muir and the dude from Bad Choice. As you might expect, the song gets a lot faster halfway through and the riff changes and it's sloppy but cool. Too bad there's no lyrics, as I always say (except for cases in which there ARE lyrics). Who IS Gregor Samsa, anyways?

2. Socially Fucked
Another cool riff. Really hot and fuzzy-sounding. SOCIALLY FUCKED! SOCIALLY FUCKED! C'MON KIDDIEZ, SING ALONG WITH ME!! The bridge section has the coolest riff, even if it's just two chords. Sounds good together.

3. Sanitize Me
Pretty similar to the previous song -- fast, angry, cool riffage. No idea what he's singing about, still. Wish I gnu. Cool lead guitar stuff on this song.

4. No Freedom
The song starts out slow, and the riff is fucking awesome and the beat rules during this part. Then the song gets really fast! After that, there's another slower part with a cool beat where Joseph shouts "NO FREEDOM!", which is succeeded by another really fast part.

5. No York
This one's fast but not as fast as all the other ones. It's a big diss to New York, condemning the snobs and posers and Joseph proclaims that "this fucking city ain't for me". I can actually kind of understand the lyrics to this song. The riff is cool also. And th-th-th-ththth-thTHAT'S ALL, FUX!

Sometimes I wonder if they were named after the song by Sonic Youth or not. That would be cool if they like Sonic Youth... who were from NO YORK as well. So maybe not. Who NOSE, anymore, right? Hopefully they'll be around more to put out more stuff, 'cuz they're pretty good. A bit generic, but still good. So I hope you enjoyed my review. I will hopefully be back tomorrow.

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