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Review #175: Coso - EP 1 (2009)

EP 1

Year: 2009
6 Minutes
My Rating:

Coso. Is a band. From Buenos Aires, Argentinia. Also home of my good friend, FAKEIS751 (YouTube user-name). He has had some good stories to tell about their concerts. Which are noisy and weird and kool. AID. Sis a very bad disease to get and you should alwaeyz ware proctetion 'cuz ya jush nver now whoze gots it this day. And age... it's something that happens to us all, all the time. In fact, I'm pretty old now compared to how young I was when I first started typing this. Is my review of the one and only release by Coso (other than FAKEIS751's live 10/10/10 bootleg) and it's pretty gawdumdingdarn short and it'sh gawtz 5 songs on it so ya shuld stick around and try to hold all that SHIT up in your ANUS for just a little bits longah 'cuz FUCK ME SONOFABITCH we're gonna be reviewing this lil' nuglet in aboutz as long as the EP plaeys for. And, if you want to read this review really fast, you're just gonna need ta SCROLL DOWN REALLY FAST while wearing "Old McMotherFucker's Super-TinySight Glasses" so you can see all the words REAL GOOD), 'cuz I know some of y'alls need to take a dump real bad, just like myself... ahh, that's better. Y'see, it'd been two days (or more) since I last had a bowl movement, so it's no wonder I felt a bit upset up 'till today.

Well, the songs... they're all pretty short. It's kinda no-wavey... the songs are really short and barely melodic at all, no singing, and much abrasive energy. You'll like this if you dig Teenage Jezus & the Jerxx and Sonic Youth n' all those types of sexual music. Ah, what the hell am I saying, let's start this review, now shall we?

1. PP Untitled
Awesome beat, a bunch of clattery ringing noises, and squeaky sounds on repeat. After that, we hear some a cool guitar chord repeated, and then it is succeeded by another guitar chord progression, and then it returns to a part more like the first part with even more fucked-up sounding squeaky noizes. Then in one part the beat gets twice as slow. Poiinnnng!

2. PP 1
Gee, they sure like to name their songs after URINE, now don't they? This one actually has kind of a melody to it on the guitar, and beneath that is a bunch of fucking around on the other guitar in lead and there's a slow beat. Some of the sounds made on the backing guitar get to sound pretty frantic.

3. Control Alt
This song is the best one! It has a really cool beat and it has a really weird but awesome lead guitar melody. Kind of reminds me of driving through the desert, out in the middle of nowhere. It has a real cool feel to it and I love the beat too! Reminds me a bit of "Out in the Gardener" by the Meat Puppets.

4. Reset Temptation
The first part of the song has a really chaotic, violent-sounding riff that sound like a bunch of monsters (or killer rabbits?) trying to attack you. The second half of the song is more bassy and thumping and it has a throbbing, angry riff. This one's pretty short like the song before it.

5. PP 8
A little quieter and slower. Just a thumping bass beat and some weird stroke combinations, and then after that there's a part where it's just a soft repeated note. Then a real loud chord and a few sparse snare hits make up the next part of the song. Keeping in tempo, the part after this is equally as loud but more consistent, and then after that it sounds like song is over, but then there's one more part that sounds like the previous section but more distorted, and then the song's really over. Ze ende.

That's the first Coso off'ring. You can listen to and download the entire EP from the band's MySpace page, or you can go to one of their shows and get an official CD copy! One thing I liked was that they kept the songs real short so it stayed interesting and nothing got too repetitive; everything stays in its place and you keep wanting more rather than everything getting hammered into your skull repeatedly. In some parts it reminded me like the Meat Puppets (for the psychedelic weird desert vibe), and much of it reminded me of Teenage Jesus & the Jerks (for the clangy abrasive sounds). And geezus christ, why don't make up your own lyrics since there AREN'T any? Sing them over the songs, and whaddaya know, you're the newest member of fucking Coso! Aren't you so gawsh-darn proud? Well, goodbye! Have losts of fun tonight.


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