Friday, November 19, 2010

Review #182: GG Allin - No Rules (EP) (1982)


Year: 1982
Hardcore Punk
Orange Records
7 Minutes
My Rating:

Yep, GG Allin... one of the only artists to be more famous for shitting on stage, eating the said shit, throwing the shit at members of the audience, mutilating himself regularly, performing on-stage rape, getting into a lot of fights, being naked, having a two-inch wang and still being a total badass, and all that other stuff. Of course, what half the people who already know this DON'T know is that he was actually quite a good musician. Not God's gift to the ear of mankind, maybe, but still definitely better than people give him credit for. And at one point he was a really good singer, too! GG started performing in the late '70s, and this is one of his earlier records, which came (yes, ejaculation) out just after his first LP from '81. This is a 7" EP with four songs. Time for the MAGICAL REVIEW, CHILDREN...

1. No Rules
GG's voice sounds pretty youthful and clean-sounding compared to his monstrous growl of later times. It's fast, there's a shouted background chorus; just a big angry anthem to anarchy! However, it's probably the worst of the four songs on the record.

2. A Fuck-Up
"Ohohoho, Nelly!" YOU'REAFUCKUPYOU'REAFUCKUPYOU'REAFUCKUPYOU'REAFUCKUP... those are some lines from the song. It's about being a social misfit/outcast and not giving a fuck and shit like that. "Why don't you just leave me alone... suck my bone" -- hehehe. Then there's a cool guitar solo in the middle. End of Side A.

3. Up Against the Wall
I guess this is actually a cover of a song by a band called "the Ohio Express"... still haven't heard the original version. This was the first GG Allin tune I heard and it's really really good! It's a tad slower than the two songs before it (and the one after it). Extremely catchy and the singing's really good. The lyrics revolve around a battle of the lower class against the law/oppressor. But yeah, this is a fucking awesome song and probably the best on here. I love it.

4. NYC Tonight
I like this one a lot, also. It's a song about going out to New York City and partying and causing trouble and all that fun stuff. It's so fun to listen to! The riff in the middle part rules. You can just imagine how wild things would've been getting while this song was being played live by this point. "The city's mine, the Big Apple I'll bite!"

So there's my review. Side A has some pretty good songs, and Side B has some really good songs. Especially "Up Against the Wall". As you can tell here, he wasn't a total monster yet at this point... yeah, he always sang crude lyrics and was totally fucked up, but at this time his performances consisted more of just doing Iggy Pop-style stage antics, which was "extreme" then, but it wasn't anymore once the shit-flinging and rape started taking place... or so I've heard. Maybe everything I've ever heard iz a lie. This music is high-energy party-rock that has the same sort of hot-headed guitar and beats as the Germs. Anyways, yeah, this is a good record and if you think that GG Allin wasn't talented or good at all, then listen to this and it might change your mind!

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