Monday, November 15, 2010

Review #180: Red Cross - EP (1980)


Year: 1980
Punk Rock
Posh Boy Records
6 Minutes
My Rating:

Before the famous pop-punk group known as REDD KROSS was REDD KROSS, they were "Red Cross". And before that, they were "The Tourists". But this EP is by Red Cross, and even though it would have been short enough to be on a 7", it's a 12" EP. The band was only in middle-school when they formed, so they were really young when they started making music! And I haven't heard much Red Cross/Redd Kross besides that cool song they wrote for "Desperate Teenage Lovedolls", so now it's time to listen to the first Red Cross record:

1. Cover Band
This song makes fun of cover bands, playing nothing but popular (and boring) songs that everyone knows and that they're unable to write their own music. The riff reminds me of "Mildred Pierce" by Sonic Youth, though this song was written 10 years earlier, so really it's the other way around. Cool beat, also.

2. Annette's Got the Hits
Awesome heavy guitar riff and awesome beat, also. ANNETE'S... GOT THE HITS! Real catchy n' cool and a bit slow, but in a good way. A fun party anthem.

3. I Hate My School
This is a song about how the band hates school and cheerleaders and jocks and their social conformity, and how they can't wait to graduate. The riff is catchy and sort of poppy. The beat rules, also!

4. Clorox Girls
This song makes fun of California girls who try to be all tan at the beach but bleach their hair blonde, resulting in a really un-natural look to the point where their hair looks white! This one's good a guitar solo at the end.

5. S&M Party
This song is really fucking good! The riff and the singing is awesome. It's about getting beaten for pleasure at an S&M party! What fun.

6. Standing in Front of Poseur
Some of their voices haven't even changed, yet! This song has a different vocalist, and he sounds like a fucking girl... but he's still a good singer. STANDING IN FRONT OF POSEUR. I swear he's screaming "HOOKER" half the time... I think he is! Cool chords.

So far, I'm sold on Redd Kross. Every song on this EP was real cool to listen to. At this point, the band's lineup was Jeff McDonald (vox), Greg Hetson (guitar), Ron Reyes (drums), and Steve McDonald (bass), in case you're wondering -- actually, I didn't know Ron Reyes was in Red Cross... that's pretty awesome. So definitely check this out. It's a very cool little record from Posh Boy Records, and all of you pop-punk posers should listen to this if you wanna hear how it's SUPPOSED to be done!

Top 3 Favorites:
1. S&M Party

2. Annette's Got the Hits
3. I Hate My School

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