Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Review #181: Mentally Challenged - Doctors, Lawyers, Cops & Priests (EP) (2009)


Year: 2009
Hardcore Punk/Noise
No Label Records
7 Minutes
My Rating:

I think this is either the second or third release from the band Mentally Challenged. It's 7 inches wide and not very tall and it has three songs on it. So right now I'm listening to Suicidal Tendencies while I'm typing this, 'cuz I was already listening to that album and then I realized "HEY, I NEED TO WRITE ANOTHER FUCKING REVIEW". So that's what I'm doing right now, man. And I'm gunna keep doing it until I'm done! So anyways, I'm eating some chips right now. I'm typing this shit so it can look like I've said a lot of crap about this release even though there's not much to say until I start reviewing it track-for-track. I think I've said enough, now...

1. False False Memories
Starts out with some really cool noises, then the first section of the song is real fast and shit with a complete storm of noise charging at you. Later on in the song is a little slower, but with the same confused chaos! Then there's a really slow part after that! The song ends in a muck of clanging sounds before ending with an echo.

2. Prey for Monsters
This was one of the first M.C. songs I'd ever heard. The bass guitar sounds real prominent in this one. Slow chorus, fast verse. End of the first side.

3. Bloodfeast
This one's a tad less noisy and a big more "normal" sounding, with singing rather than screaming. Reminds me a slight bit of "Human Cannonball" by the Butthole Surfers. Two singers in this song, also. One of them sings more normally and the other one yells the vocals all pissed-off-sounding and the like. But it's really good, because it just sounds awesome and there's still a ton of feedback buzzing around in a semi-harmonious way to the music. Totally awesome song to listen to.

So there's my review of DOCTORS, LAWYERS, COPS + PRIESTS. I don't have it, but I'd love to own it one day! Also, these songs can be found on the "Year One" CD compilation by the band. It doesn't really go too far from the sound of the first 7", but it's a really unique sound so it doesn't really matter. So please, if you can, try fucking your ears out with this piece from a good band. Bye for now.

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