Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Review #176: Girls at Dawn - Never Enough 7" (2009)


Year: 2009
Psychedelic Rock/Pop
HoZac Records
6 Minutes
My Rating:

The Girls at Dawn aer a trio from Brooklyn (New York, United States, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Universe, Plane of Existence, God's Butthole, etc.) that formed in 2008 and their musical style is very '60s-influenced with a lot of elements of psychedelic rock, '60s garage rock, and maybe even a little punk. The band's members are: Erin Campbell (guitar), Ana Economou (bass guitar), and Sarah Baldwin (drums). All three sing, often in harmonies, and the music has sort of a childish innocent quality to it. This is the band's first release ever, and it's a 7" single with two songs on it (wouldn't that make it a DOUBLE? hmm...). Anyways, here's what I've got to say about the songs.

1. Never Enough
Definitely an old-fashioned pop song. It has a nice bouncy beat, jangly guitar sounds, friendly sing-songy vocals and a synth organ, also. The lyrics are about love and holding hands and missing your lover and stuff. Pretty much how I feel about the girl I like, even though I've never even touched her before! Da-na-na-na-na... blahblahblahblah... stuff like that. This music would put a baby sleep... if it was POSSESSED BY THE DEVIL!!!

2. Every Night
I like this one better. The riff is really good and the vocals fit well with it and the vocal harmonies sound good. Particularly I enjoy the verse part, that part's real good. Everything sounds like it was recorded in a cave, like the song before it. Lots of echo-ey stuff goin' on, here.

There you have it. The single from ze Girls at DAWN. If you like this, they also have an EP and an album out for you to listen to, so enjoy the music, especially if you like really old music and shit like that. Or the Velvet Underground on anti-depressants with just a bunch of happy singing girls. I really liked "Every Night", but I guess which one iz better is a matter of taste in this case. Both have more hooks than a chronic fisherman! But yeah, that's my review. Check them out on MySpace or something.


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  1. after i found out about the girls at dawn from your review, i fell in love with them.