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Review #199: Warkrime - Give War a Chance 7" (2006)


Year: 2006
Genre: Hardcore Punk
Label: No Way Records

7 Minutes
My Rating:

Warkrime was a Jewish hardcore group from San Francisco, California. The band existed from 2004 to 2009 and were notorious for their offensive, pro-right-wing lyrics which did piss off much of the liberal Bay Area punk scene. The band has its origins in a band called "Brewtality" but the band split up just before their first show would have happened, so the future members of Warkrime relocated and started a new band. The band's line-up was... Brace (vocals), Max Apex (bass guitar), Adolf Edge (drums), and Duke Lacrosse (guitar). This was the first record the band put out and it was released on... wait for it, wait for it... dum-dum! No Way Records!

1. No More
Starts out with an awesome riff that kinda squeaks up a little bit and it sounds real cool. The tempo gets faster and Brace's vocals are very angry and intense. Brace expresses his anger towards homeless drunks and how he doesn't want to live anymore because his life just sucks, man. Love how he sings. One of the best songs on the record.

2. Glass Parking
One part in the song, Brace sings: "THE SWASTIKA, THE CROSS, ALLAH, THE BOSS... SIEG HEIL, YASSIR ARAFAT!". One slow part in the middle has a simple guitar solo. Even faster than the first song. The riff is also good to listen to. Best song on the album.

3. Longhairs
A really short, street-punk type song making fun of hippies.

4. Give War a Chance
A rare pro-war punk song! Instead of "give peace a chance", the band sings "give war a chance"! The part in the end of slow, and in this section Brace proclaims that necessity of war to get rid of us human cockroaches (hahah, "cock"). End of Side A.

5. Brat Camp
Goddamn, the singing here is so fast that I don't even know what the fuck they're singing about at all. Maybe it's about war and stuff again.

6. Fuck It
Brace sounds like Keith Morris in this song. In the verses, the riff is lead guitar-based. I like the bridge section. It has a cool riff. Fuck it, maaan...

7. Warkrime
YAY! THE WARKRIME THEME SONG! In this song the band expresses their love of money and chicks. They explain how people try to tell them how "sexist, racist, and homophobic" people think they are.

8. Suburban Suicide
Starts out with a mellow guitar tune. Then it segues into, whaddaya know, a very fast song. Very frustrated-sounding. Once again the lyrics are sung really really fast and stuff so I can't understand the lyrics.

9. Speed
HOLY SHIT, and I was calling all of these other songs fast! This is the fastest song on the whole EP! The one line I can audibly make out is the group-shouted line, "SPEED KILLS WHO CARES?". Then the first part of the song is repeated again and then it's over.

So, that's the Warkrime EP. The band's music is pretty typical hardcore music but the singer has a good voice and you hear some pretty interesting stuff at times. They really do like to play fast... most of the songs on here are under a minute long. The band's politics seem to be pro-Israel, pro-war, and anti-Arab... I don't agree with war but at least this band's not just conforming to what every other hardcore band seems to do. That's a plus. One complaint of mine though is that the guitars are not mixed loud enough in the mix. It's a pet peeve of mine, guitar comes first as far as what's audible in a rock and roll record. If I could understand most of the lyrics I'd probably have more to say, but the band is more focused on the raw energy of their music. So, that's my review for the day. Listen to Warkrime if you wanna hear a new band.

Top 3 Favorites:
1. Glass Parking
2. No More
3. Speed

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