Thursday, January 6, 2011


I have reached the 200th review on my album reviewing website. Three cheers for that...



THREEE YAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

So... what should we do, my fellow legit folks? Party? I dunno. Just 200 reviews, really. Uhh... I'm not sure what else to say... it's been a good... 13 months. That's something to clap about, I think. We've made it a year and I'm sure I'll still be doing this a year from now! We can only hope that 2011 will bring better things than what 2010 brought. And maybe 2012 will bring the apocalypse. Maybe it won't. That could easily be bullshit. But it could easily NOT be bullshit! Ho-hum! Well, it's really cold right now. That sucks. That Accused record I reviewed today was pretty good, also. Now here's the top 8 records that I've reviewed in total so far:

1. Daydream Nation (Sonic Youth)
2. Babysitters on Acid (Lunachicks)
3. The Pod (Ween)
4. The Stooges
5. Locust Abortion Technician (Butthole Surfers)
6. Mommy's Little Monster (Social Distortion)
7. Gluey Porch Treatments (The Melvins)
8. Paranoid (Black Sabbath)

And here are some reviews to expect soon:

Die Kreuzen
The Process of Weeding Out (Black Flag)
No Policy E.P. (S.O.A.)
Sound & Fury (Youth Brigade)
Northwest Hardcore Compilation Tape
Pre E.P. (Teenage Jesus & the Jerks)
Let There Be GWAR (GWAR)
Now We Are Six (Happy Flowers)
Rock for Light (Bad Brains)
Laughing All the Way to the Cleaners (Lemonheads)
DemoNegro (Los Pus)
Isolated Human E.P. (Hatred Surge)
Salad Days E.P. (Minor Threat)
Be Stiff E.P. (Devo)
The Runaways
Velvet Underground & Nico
Plastic Surgery Disasters (Dead Kennedys)
Nowhere Fast Demo
Molested Youth Demo #2

...and probably more.


Here's this little invitation:

If YOU are in a BAND and want ME to REVIEW YOUR RECORD, just let me know, we can try to work things out and I'll make a review of your record. Just be warned, I might not always like it -- expect an honest opinion on your record, which could be really good or really bad or anything else in-between. So yeah, just throwing that out there! See you next review.

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