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Review #198: Pregnant - Pregnant (2010)


Year: 2010
Genre: Punk Rock
Label: Burn Books Records

21 Minutes
My Rating:

Pregnant is a band that formed inside some women's belly in the year ouf oure Lourde, 2007. Some months later, the band fell out of her vagina in the form of a little baby in Brooklyn, New York, and then the baby was ripped into three pieces, and the pieces of ripped-up Baby Guts (also the name of a different band) regenerated into the life-forms known as Stefanie Bridges (bass), Kevin Manion (guitar/vocals), and Ian T. (drums). This was cool, and then the band started playing shows and then they recorded a 7" called "Wanna See My Gun". Then they recorded an album. This album. This was the album. This... IS the album. The band's musical style is kind of like a cross between Husker Du and the Foo Fighters. That's what it sounds like, at least. And they have really cool cover art for their album.

1. Real Talk
A creepy cackling cave sound is heard. The singer really does sound like Dave Grohl at parts. The riff is pretty angry-sounding. And there's "oooooh-ooooooh" Beach Boy-like chorus vocals in the background. "NEVAH STARTEEEEYYYAAAHHHH"

2. Skin Display
This song's kind of slow. One thing I noticed with the vocals here are that they're kind of layered/harmonized. It sounds pretty good. Kevin's voice is more gritty and Stefanie's voice is softer. I like the chorus riff and melody. YER SKIN IZ ON DISPLAY... SO GO DISPLAY MORE SKIN, BUDDY. Then Kevin coughs at the end of the song.

3. Wormie
Who doesn't love a good wormie every now and then? Y'know, that REALLY REALLY REALLY fucked-up sex move called the "Wormie"? What? Never heard of it? If you have to ask... you'll never know. Bitch. But I've eaten worms plenty of times before, so I know a little bit about wormies. The non-sexual kind. If you find worms sexually attractive THEN YER A SICK BASTARD WHO SHOULD BE MUGGED/RAPED/SHOT/SENT TO HELL!!!!!!!! Anyways, this song is fast and it once again has a nice guitar riff... the rhythm guitar has a kind of jangly sound throughout the album and the bass is pretty thick and feels good on the ears. Great song.

4. Help
This one's kind of happy-sounding and once again pretty melodic. For some reason the guitar-playing in the verse part of this song reminds me of a little trumpet-blower playing the trumpet really fast. And yet, there are no trumpets. Huh.

5. Toothache
Begins with a scream. More angry-sounding. Did he just say "you've gotta eat yourself"? Man, what are they going to do when some kid is listening to this and takes those lyrics to heart and really DOES try to eat themself! THINK OF THE CHILLLDREN... End of Sied A.

6. Safe & Sound
Faster. Angrily-yelled vocals in the verse part. Melodic Misfits-like singing in the chorus part. Towards the end of the song there's a part where there's this wave of static-sort-of-noise and it gets louder and louder until stopping at the final chorus.

7. Do You Feel It?
This song rocks hard! The guitar melody is fucking awesome, the singing is awesome, the beat sounds cool, you've just gotta hear it! DO YOU HEAR IT?? HE DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN! STRAIGHT OUTTA THE HORSE'S MOUTH!! THE GUY WITH THE SWEATER AND THE RED HAIR... HE IS A HORSE! AND EVERYTHING HE'S SAYING IS STRAIGHT OUT OF HIS MOUTH! SO REMEMBER KIDZ TO NEVER LOOK A GIFT HORSE IN THE MOUTH... alright, enough with the horsey jokes. The song transitions directly into the next song, "You Think".

8. You Think
A fast song. The guitar riff in the very beginning goes well with the bass guitar. It's real awesome like the song before it and I like how the chorus riff goes... it kind of ascends upwards. Somewhat reminds me of the Germs. The guitar sound and the chord progressions.

9. You Give It to Me
Cool drum beat. YOU GIVE IT TO ME, I GIVE IT TO YOU. It's pretty upbeat, but towards the end it gets more dissonant and noisy.

10. Wanna See My Gun?
Starts out with a REALLY sexy-soundin' bass guitar riff. The song was originally on a 7" single that was the debut release from the band. I really love how he sings "I don't think this works anymore...". The beat is different-sounding and cool. After the first part, the song gets slower with echo-y vocals and no drum beat. Then the beat gets really fast in the next part after Kevin screams and then he starts singing more angrily this time around! There's even piano-playing in this part of the song... kind of reminds me of that one song at the end of Patti Smith's first album. Then Kevin says something like "ji" or "gun" or "jay" or something like that and his voice echoes all weird. And that's the end. Of the album. Kidz.

I'm a lot more impressed by this album than I thought I would be. The songwriting is awesome, the music might not be that "hardcore" but it sure does sound intense. I'd say it actually reminds me of a mix between the Germs and the Foo Fighters. Know what those two bands have in common? PAT SMEAR WAS IN BOTH OF THEM... which means that PREGNANT is essentially a CREATION of the deranged genious of PAT SMEAR!! Actually, I don't know if they listen to either of those bands, but they do sound good. A few of the songs are less entertaining than others, but by the second half of the album they've hit full throttle quality-wise. Most of the songs are pretty fast, a few of them are slow... the songs never get boringly repetitive, there's some cool effects used here n' there... I should try to buy this record, really. But if you don't have a record player, then you can just download one. But you should buy it sometime. Give the band some of YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY YOU SLAVED AWAY AT!!! I dunno. Do what you want to. Violence. Violence. Violence. Doesn't make any sense. Violence. Violence. Violence. Do what you want to... and also, I just wanted to remind you how awesome I think the cover for this album is. Flying saucers exploding over a desert. That's just cool.

Top 3 Favorites:
1. Wanna See My Gun?
2. Do You Feel It?
3. You Think

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