Thursday, December 30, 2010

Review #195: Night Fever - Demo (2010)


Year: 2010
Genre: Hardcore Punk
Label: None
Tracks: 3
Length: 3 Minutes
Style: Angry/Weird
My Rating: 6/8

Night Fever is a cool band from the state of Indiana. Not too far from where I'm from, really. The band formed in July of this year, and so far this is the only thing they've ever put out. Actually, somebody made a live bootleg of the band as well, but I'll get 'round to that later. ANYWAYS, umm... the band. It has a singer. A guitar player. A bass guitar player. A drummer, as well. Those are the members of the band. This tape. It has three songs on it. Real fuzzed-out guitars. The singer sounds a lot like Ian MacKaye from Minor Threat. In a good way. There's even a keyboardist. I think. And there's a Black Flag cover. So let's GET PUSHIN' TO THE CUSHION AND START FUCKING THE SHIT OUTTA OUR CASSETTE PLAYERZ AS WE LISTEN TO THIS MAGICAL TAPE. ACTUALLY, HERE IS AN UPDATE FOR 1/12/11: THERE IS NO RHYTHM GUITARIST. THE BAND MEMBERS ARE ASHLEY (KEYBOARD), GWEN (BASS GUITAR), MATT (DRUMS), AND MARK (VOCALS).

1. Fallout
The song starts out with a two-note keyboard key-press-age. The beat is really cool... it's the way he does those cymbals. As I said before, the singer sounds a tiny bit like Ian MacKaye, but with less restraint. The song's about a person who survives a nuclear fallout, and then his body begins to mutate in sorts of ridiculous ways... "now I'm growing TENTACLES". TENTACLES!! TENTACLES! LIKE, WHAT OCTOPUS(SY)ES HAVE!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

2. Wasted
Black Flag cover. My favorite early Black Flag song, at that. You know the drill. It's a tad faster than the original version. The riff, lyrics, flow... all very energetic.

3. Ditched
The synths in this song remind me of sort of a circus, but like, a deranged circus full of evil klowns. "I'M SICK OF BEING DITCHED!". This song's about feeling like shit 'cuz the girl you're with ditches you for other things all of the time. Man, that guy (whatever his name) can fucking scream. I love the way he screams. It sounds awesome.

Know what? I really like these guys. Their music is interesting to listen to, they have an awesome singer, they have a sense of humor, and they're in a state I could actually get to not so difficultly. As for what songs I like best, I think it really does go in consecutive order. The first song is best, second song is second best, and the third song is the worst. That doesn't mean it's a bad song though, I'm just saying I don't like it as much as the other two songs. But this band is pretty cool and you should go check them out on MySpace. I'm saying this because they appear to not be very well-known. So go listen to them, dudes and women. And just check out how cool that tape art is!

BYE BYE!!!!!!!!

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