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Review #190: Poison Idea - Pick Your King 7" (1983)


Year: 1983
Genre: Hardcore Punk
Label: Fatal Erection Records

12 Minutes
My Rating:

Poison Idea was a hardcore band from Portland, Oregon that existed throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. Apparently the early incarnation of the band was composed of Darby Crash's cousins, which is PRETTY COOL. The band original consisted of: Jerry A. Crash (vocals), Pig Crash (guitar), Chris Crash (bass), and Dean Crash (drums). Well shit, imagine how those family reunions musta been for ol' Darby... I mean, "Bobby Pyn"... I mean, Jan Paul Beahm. Sorry, took me a little while to get THAT one right! "Darby, stop flinging your food at Pig Champion... 'cuz he's eating all of it and he's starting to get real fucking fat!". Actually, Jerry A. looks exactly like a chubby version of Darby Crash in these early days of the band. On one side of the EP sleeve, there's a picture of Jesus, and the other side is Elvis. Which one will you pick? Enough 'bout THAT, though. Time for another record review!!

1. Think Twice
I fell in love with this tune the moment I heard it! The guitar riff cuts real hard, the beat is fast as lightning and pretty solid as way. Jerry's singing voice is throaty and harsh, also! The song beckons that suicidal people think twice about their decision and to "count their blessings before they lose them". You have to listen to this one!

2. It's An Action
Pretty fast and cool-sounding but not as strong as the track before it. The message is good, though -- it encourages people to destroy the fascist government from within and practice freedom. And to bash a cop or two.

3. This Thing Called Progress
Alternates between guitar-only and not-guitar-only intervals in the verse parts. The chorus has an awesome chord progression. The song explains how what the government and mainstream society calls "progress" in civilization is actually destroying the country from within, and therefore, needs to be stopped.

4. In My Headache
This tune's a little slower, but still fast by anyone except a grindcore fan's standards! The lyrics are pretty angsty and the music rules.

5. Underage
This is a really short song, but the band has a lot to say in this one. The song is told from the point of view of an 18-year-old who feels frustrated by the lack of respect for minors in society.

6. Self Abuse
The song has four parts. The first part is fast, the second part is really fast, the third part is slow, and the fourth part is fast again. As you might expect, the lyrics describe and question the actions of people who engage in self abuse and self mutilation. End of Side A.

7. Cult Band
I'm not sure if this song is supposed to be an attack on the commercial glam bands of the day or punk bands that built up huge followings based on their social philosophy like Minor Threat. Anyone got an answer yet?

8. Last One
This song has a simple guitar riff and it's an anti-violence anthem telling violent people that were ruining the hardcore scene to go fuck off.

9. Pure Hate
I just realized that on these not-as-fast songs that the guitar sounds a ton like Pat Smear's guitar on the album (GI) by the Germs. The song contains allusions to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, except the song is more in celebration of hate. Or so it sounds. Actually, I don't really know what this song's about.

10. Castration
Really fast and really short! The song rants against macho assholes who are out to make a show of themselves for some cheap sex, while their family members (wife/girlfriend, kids) are secretly planning to get their revenge on him and castrate him, either literally or figuratively. "Your girlfriend's waiting for you with a broken bottle."

11. Reggae (I Hate)
While many punks have come to love reggae due to bands like Bad Brains that play both styles of music. It's pretty slow, and the beat is very similar to that in reggae music. The chorus section is fast and thrashing as ever, though! The lyrics denote reggae as being a bunch of religious drug-induced slow idiocy, as Jerry proclaims that he "can't slow down" and he "won't dance at a disco, even if they play reggae". Then one of the band members says "Motorhead".

12. Give It Up

13. Think Fast
Nice awesome riff. The beat sounds cool. The song encourages people to be nice and not treat their friends like crap or else "it might be the beginning of the end". So that's the end of POISON IDEA, MAN...


Top 3 Favorites:
1. Think Twice
2. Reggae (I Hate)
3. Think Fast


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