Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Review #186: White Shit - White Shi'ite (EP) (2010)


Year: 2010
Genre: Hardcore Punk
Label: Wantage USA

7 Minutes
My Rating:

Oh, hey there, you swarthy fuxx! I just got back from being IN THE FUCKING HOSPITAL. That really sucked, man. Anyways, time to get back on track with my reviews... White Shit is a sort of recent discovery of mine, and it's another musical contribution from Jared Warren and Coady Willis, who are also in Big Business and even the Melvins! Anyways, this is their second or third release... it's 10 inches... and, uh... well, just look at that cover art! If this band were more well-known, they'd be in deep shit... WHITE deep SHIT... either from a gang of enraged Muslim extremist or a mainstream media outlet afraid of gangs of enraged Muslim extremists! Anyways, time to listen to the record.

1. Surface Zen
Jared sounds a little bit like D Boon (probably the second singer in a band I've compared to him). Or maybe I actually forget what D Boon sounds like since I have not listened to the Minutemen in awhile. Anyways, the song is fast, and the riffs are two-chord progressions punctuated by a blitz of lead guitar notes. Halfway through the song, it slows down to about half as fast, and then even slower. Then there's a guitar solo and a cool drum beat. The song ends real abruptly after this part.

2. Shitted Out
Shitted out... just like MUHAMMAD himself. No, really, one day Jared and Coady were out at a Mexican restaurant and they ate a lot of spicy food and drank some magical soda that nobody even remembers what it was called, but they got really stuffed full of Mexican food and then they both had to take a shit, so when they started shitting they ended up shitting out this song! Really grimy and dischordant-sounding chords pound in the beginning part of the song with a lead-guitar melody. This song's not as fast as the first song, some parts are real slow and heavy-metal style, and some parts are more just regular tempo. The lyrics are an enactment of a woman bringing her son into the doctor's office, and the doctor tells her that her son is actually a prehistoric ape-man, and "in his personal and professional opinion", that she is probably also one, likewise -- 'cuz BANANAS DON'T FALL FAR FROM THE TREE, AHAHOHAHOHAHAHAHA. End of Side A.

3. Fire (Gism)
The drums sound cool here for some reason. Fast beat. Lots of hissing and quacking noises around the background. Jared's voice sounds FUCKING AWESOME here... he sounds like a screaming, groaning MONSTER, man! It's great. DOOO-NEOOOWWWW-DEEEEE-NEEOOOWWWW... excellent singing, great drumming, weird dischordant lead guitar, and a nice simple riff. Maybe the hissing sounds are a firecracker being thrown off and into the audience, actually. Hell if I know!

So, that is WHITE... SHI'ITE... please give this record to all of your Muslamic friends, NOW. The music is pretty hardcore-sounding, but with a more experimental spin and apparently a good sense of humor as well. This is actually the only White Shit release I've ever heard and I checked it out because the cover art looked cool. And it's pretty good. So that's all I have to say. And "Fire (Gism)" is the best song, by the way.

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