Monday, May 3, 2010

Review #105: The Omegas - Psycho Dives on Slam Skank Anthems (EP) (2008)


Year: 2008
Genre: Punk Rock
Label: Mad At the World Records

5 Minutes (Very Short)
My Rating:

The Omegas are a hardcore band from Montreal, Quebec. The band formed in 2007. When this record was released, the line-up consisted of Ryan Hogan (vocals), Tony "the Vezz" Frenchman (guitar), Yannick Sarrazin (other guitar), Spoiler (bass), and Dan Sklbrock (drums). This EP is somewhat considered their demo. It can now be downloaded for free off of the Mad at the World Records website (the original cassette is out of print).

1. False Worship
The guitar comes firing at you here like a fucking flamethrower! Same with the vocals. The riff in the first part of the song is just about as cool as it gets. The song is a criticism of organized religion, and people who live their lives to worship and "raise their arms to touch the high and mighty man." Very good song.

2. Futile Pleasures
This song's a little faster than the song before it. Halfway through, the song slows down. The lyrics are about the fact that we only resort to cheap thrills to stay happy. The song ends in a really fast part before it's all ovah.

3. Secret Signals
This uses a similar theme to "False Worship", except from the view of the preacher himself, not the follower. As "the eyes of millions" have followed his every word up to this point, he proclaims "and as my final instruction, I demand self-destruction". The song starts out fast, but ends slow.

4. Gimme Oblivion
Another song on here, I really like. It's the fastest song... the riff and chords n' stuff are awesome. The mid-section is a little slower (like all of the other songs). The beat is furious and this song is really cool. The lyrics seem to just be about how weak-willed humans are.

The Omegas have just released a new EP called "Sonic Order", which also contains four new songs and is available from No Idea Records. The band also has a weird song on their MySpace called "Slam Skank", which is simply just the band yelling "SLAM! SKANK!" over some samples. Unfortunately, there's no interesting stories or anything like that I really know about this band. I just know that this is a good record and you should listen to it. Here's the link:

Have fun. Seeya until next time!

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