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Review #104: J.F.A. - Blatant Localism (EP) (1981)


Year: 1981
Genre: Punk Rock
Label: Placebo Records

7 Minutes (Very Short)
My Rating:

J.F.A. formed in 1981 as a part of the southwestern skate-punk scene. The band's name, J.F.A. stands for "Jodie Foster's Army" -- in reference to John Hinckley Jr.'s attempt to assassinate Ronald Reagan, who believed he would win the love of Jodie Foster by doing so (he was obsessed with the film "Taxi Driver", in which Jodie played a 12-year-old prostitute). But, being in the area and playing hardcore punk, the group quickly found a following and about as much success as a most notable hardcore bands got back in those days. This record is their first one, and the contents can now be found on an in-print CD compilation.

1. Out of School
Fast, good riff, furious vocals... good stuff. This song's about how the real world kinda leaves you cold after high school's finally over... "No more chicks to love, no more classes to ditch, no more jocks to hate, no more teachers that bitch..." -- I can't say I really ever experienced any of that. But I can still see where they're coming from. Good song, anyways.

2. Jodie Foster's Army
Begins with a frantic, abrasive guitar solo, before going into some more skate thrash -- the bass guitar is really awesome n' catchy. The lyrics here are an ode of support to John Hinckley Jr., expressing what he may have been thinking during the assassination attempt as they proclaim themselves as JODIE FOSTER'S ARMY.

3. Do the Hannigan
The lyrics here are a little more stupid and nonsensical. Musically, it's even faster than the two songs before it. Very short... less than even half a minute long.

4. Count
Even shorter and faster than "Do the Hannigan"! Literally only about five seconds long. Well, it's a song about counting. Wow... end o' Side 1.

5. Beach Blanket Bong Out
The verse sections are slow n' laid back, and the chorus is fast n' awesome. This song's about a group of punks hanging out on the beach, avoiding jocks and hippies while not caring about being outnumbered. The riff of the verse section is perfect for the beach, and the riff for the chorus is perfect for the bong-out. Definitely a classic hardcore song. A musical representation of a PARTY!

6. Cokes and Snickers
Well, this song's pretty self-explanatory. It's about only eating Coke (the drink) and Snickers, while yelling "HEALTH SUCKS"... I have to disagree somewhat, there. But those things are pretty good. But health doesn't suck. Uhh, it's fast. Yup.

This is a great EP to put on when you just want to be immature, let loose, and have some fun. It's pretty typical for a suburban Southern California-based hardcore punk band, but it manages to be so without being cliche or corny. It's just a good slice of punk rock fun n' games... JFA is actually still around and playing, also! I DO wonder what Jodie Foster actually thinks of this band, though...

Top 3 Favorites:
1. Beach Blanket Bong Out
2. Jodie Foster's Army
3. Count

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