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Review #88: Diehatzu Hijets - Diehatzu Hijets (2010)


Year: 2010
Genre: Punk Rock, Folk Rock
Post-Punk, Psychedelic
35 Minutes (Long)
My Rating:

From the great land of punk known as Kanaduh (kaa'ne'deu), a new beacon of light has arisen from the unknown. This new beacon is Diehatzu Hijets. And while it's really just one guy named Layne L'Heureux playing all of the instruments and singing all the songs himself; make no mistake, this is great fucking music. Layne is an incredibly nice person, too. The "band" formed in late 2009, less than a year ago, after being exposed to '90s punk groups like Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr, which caused Mr. Layne to make his own music. And if he seriously only started listening to those guys less than a year ago, he's in pretty damn good shape, 'cause he's already making music nearly the same quality as those bands. And with that said, this is the Diehatzu Hijets debut album. It's actually considered an EP by the band, but with the added bonus tracks, it's basically LP-length, so go hit yourself in the vagina with a mallet, will ya? Ahahah!

1. Get Real
A great opening song; a happy sort of song underneath a blanket of jagged distortion. Lots of great guitar solos here and there. It's a beautiful sort of slacker-anthem. I'm going to have to admit that the line "when I need a bro you'll be chillin' there" is a tad bit lame. But that's pretty much the only lame moment on the whole album. There's also a part where Layne sings "it sucks but, that's the way it is" -- which is really funny, because he pauses inbetween "but" and "that's the way it is", so it sounds like he says "IT SUCKS BUTT" at first. Ahahahahehehehe!

2. The Universe Mount
Once again, really great melody, with a lot of little subtleties in the guitar-playing... why the hell is this guy so unknown still?? I guess in this song, the Universe is supposed unfold so "everyone can find their way" and such... how does he know this, you may ask? No idea. Inbetween the more straightforward verse parts, there are more mellow, solo-laden sections.

3. Burnt Out
The guitar intro here kinda reminds me of "Schizophrenia" by Sonic Youth for some reazon. However, that part segues into something a bit less otherworldly than that song, but still a good song nonetheless. Once again, jam-packed with awesome lead melodies. Some guy is singing background vocals around the end of this song.

4. Running Horse
My favorite song on the record! It's a slower song. It's a sort of country-tinged and wry but hard song with more great fuzzed-out riffs and leads. My absolute favorite part is the instrumental repeated riff towards the end. Something about the chord progressions combined with the great never-ending solos. Pure bliss can be achieved to the ears during one of the final couple minutes of the song. It's a real great feeling when you're down or just bored 'er something.

5. Someplace
This one's mostly acoustic. No drums, either. It's sort of a calm-after-the-storm feely-song. It's not very long, but it's great to listen to if you're tired and just want to listen to something that fits how yer feeling. This track ends the EP version, but I'm gonna just go the extra mile are review the next few bonus solo tracks too!

6. Anger
This is the first solo Layne L'Heureux song here. Despite the name, the song's not incredibly angry. It's very moving and emotional, still. You hear a burp around the beginning of the song. Truly beautiful. A rough electric guitar solo slowly moves its way into your right ear about 1/3 of the way through the song.

7. Peace, Love
Once again, acoustic. Much more folky-sounding than the songs before it. The serene lyrics and emotion that delivers them sends you over mountains, the sea, through fields, as he wishes peaceful life for his lover because he misses her when she's (I think) away. And hey, the solo is acoustic too, this time!

8. Fugitive Kind
Similar style of music to "Peace, Love". The song's about dating a girl who is much younger than you (still in high school!), getting crap for it from the parents of the girl, as they tell him that he's too old to be messing around with someone who's still a minor. Layne compares himself to Marlo Brando.

9. This Shit's Fulltime
A great closing song. Some of the lyrics are kinda humorous, but for the most part, it's a pretty love song. "You look like my ass... you look like Venus" -- apparently his ass looks like Venus. Like, not Venus's ass. But his ass resembles Venus's entire body. Pretty strange, I've got to say. The final minute or so of the song is without vocals. And THAT, my friend, is totally the end. For now...

The first half of the record (including the bonus tracks) is more noisy and punky, and the second half is mellow and acoustic. And while not everyone is necessarily interested in that, most people should enjoy this album if they have taste beyond the cookie-cutter Top 40 plastik radio ranks... hell, my best friend even likes this album, and he can't stand most of the music I listen to! He thinks Diehatzu Hijets could potentially get famous... wouldn't hurt to have that happen. The common themes of the album are slacker life and the comfort/hopelessness in a romantic relationship. And it's free, too. The band's name sounds somewhat un-memorable, but the music has been keeping me coming back. You can download it for free, just search the band up on MySpace. So, that's my review. I recommend this for fans of Dinosaur Jr and other early '90s indie rock bands.

Top 3 Favorites:
1. Running Horse
2. Anger
3. Get Real


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