Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Review #102: Nowhere Fast - No Escape (EP) (2009)


Year: 2009
Genre: Punk Rock
Label: Mind Rot Records

8 Minutes (Short)
My Rating:

Nowhere Fast was a British hardcore band that was active from 2008 to until just earlier this year. The band consisted of Ad (guitar), Tank (bass), Tom (vocals), and Joe (drums). During its existence, the band released a 7" EP... that EP is currently out-of-print, so I found you can download all the discography of the band for free, including the demo. Today, I'm gonna talk about their 7" record.

1. Useless
A fast song. Rough but distinct vocals. They actually sound pretty cool. There's a solo in this song. This song's about people who think they're "saving the world", but get wasted more than actually doing anything to save it. Great guitar riff.

2. No Escape
Even faster than the song before it! The end section iz slow, though.

3. Brainwash Broadcast
This one's about how the mainstream media has fed the current generation a sterilized, "safe" agenda, turning the youth of today into pussies while filling their minds with "sex, drugs, and fake rock n' roll" -- it's true, kids my age today suck BALLS.

4. Imposter
This one's very fast, and then in the middle, it goes into a slower part before speeding up again. End of Side 1.

5. Get Away
Slow intro. Then a fast part. Then another slow part. Then a very fast part at the end. Longest song on the album.

6. Shutdown
This song's about the city slowly dying as political and social pressures close in on it, and the displeasure in the idea of a city collapsing due to this. Cool bridge section.

7. Never
This one's about never giving in to the system or becoming a "button down slave". Fast, hard. Real cool riff!

8. Hatred
Uhh, it's about hatred. And hating people n' stuff. And it's fast. And it has guitars and drums and stuff. The riff is good. It has an amount of distortion. The song ends in a cool slow outro.

This is a pretty traditional hardcore record, but it's quite well-done and the songs are good and the production is too, and stuff. Half the songs are under a minute long! Others are, well... OVER a minute long. The band reports that the members have gone on to be in different bands. What bands are those? Well, one of them is called "Amateur Video", a new band that plays songs that are fast, but not quite as fast as these ones. They have just released a demo, and it's very good! So search that band up, or just wait for me to review 'em... anyways, Nowhere Fast seems like they were pretty good. At least before they went away, they left a good EP to be remembered by... if you like fast, hard punk, then try listening to this.

Top 3 Favorites:
1. Never
2. Useless
3. Get Away


  1. where you find all these new independent punk bands at?

  2. Okay, I think I found out these guys on the MySpace page to Crooked Teeth. It's all MySpace, man. The fuckin' corporate empire. Is helping me find this muzick. I neid hulp. But yeah, once you find a few good bands, just use their friend-lists to just navigate the fuck through band after band. I think I might have found out about Crooked Teeth through Crippled Fox, who in turn was either discovered through A.N.S. or Government Warning. And I have no idea if any of that iz even true, but it probably is. But ya catch my drift, right? Search on, pal. Someday, you will discover the greatest band that ever existed.

  3. Yo Dude I love that you love the record but just a heads up that you can still purchase the Record from Mind Rot records, we have about 30-50 left so if anybody is interested visit our myspace and it has a link to the store.