Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Review #120: Ecoli - Rape (EP) (2006)


Year: 2006
Genre: Punk Rock
Stress Domain Records
6 Minutes (Very Short)
My Rating:

Ecoli is a Californian hardcore punk band that formed in 2005. They have released two 7" EPs and a couple of tapes since then, and this one is their first release ever. It is sometimes also considered the band's "demo". The music here places much emphasis on speed, but the songs are usually more complicated than standard fare in punk rock. Almost all of the songs here are under a minute long. The band states that this record is based around themes used in a 1978 book called "The Turner Diaries".

1. Big Stupid Ape (Police Test)
Starts with a slow intro with guitar lead and then the song gets real fast. Interesting riff changes and breaks in the consistency of the rhythm.

2. Whites Will
Ultra fast! The song almost exclusively uses blast-beats.

3. The Order
The group-shout of the day here is "WAR IS COMING!". If I knew the lyrics to these songs, I could probably say a lot more about them.

4. Trammel
Starts with a high-pitched noize... wow, a song that's actually over a minute long. Believe it or not, this song is actually "slow" compared to the other songs on here. It's actually probably one of the best here for that reason, though. There's even a guitar solo and stuff. End of Side 1.

5. Social Anxiety
Shortest song on the EP. The song starts with the lead singer ranting about how his head "IS STUCK UP A RAT'S ASSHOLE" and sweat is pouring down and stuff like that while a bunch of noisy dischordant music plays in the background. THRASH!!

6. Warts On My Dick
Perhaps a song about an embarrassing personal issue the songwriter has? It's okay, I won't look down on you for it. GUITAR SOLO TIME.

7. Metropolis
Excellent drumming, excellent speed...

8. Shoot 'Em All and Let God Sort 'Em Out
Starts with a sort of "slow" (meaning less fast than most songs on here) intro, only to get really fast. The group shout is "SHOOT 'EM ALL"... still think the intro iz the best part, though.

Check out the back of the EP's sleeve art for an image of sheer beauty. The music on this EP could almost qualify as noise-rock, except the emphasis is not quite placed enough of the music's noisiness to make it noisy noise. Ecoli is preparing to release their next record which will be titled "Swam On The Swine" for their Summer 2010 tour through Stress Domain Records, so if you want, you can pre-order it now. I do have to say that I like this record better than "Judas Cradle" -- I just think the songs are better. Well, that's all I have to say for now. Stay legit.

Top 3 Favorites:
1. Trammel
2. Metropolis
3. Whites Will

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