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Review #117: AIDS Wolf - The Lovvers LP (2006)


Year: 2006
Genre: Punk Rock
Noise, No-Wave
Label: Skin Graft Records

25 Minutes (Medium-Length)
My Rating:

AIDS Wolf is just one of those bands... y'know... "those" bands. Somewhere between living n' dying. Fucking and killing. They probably do both of those things. All the time. Their music is a freakish musical anarchy of nearly epic proportions. Few rules. It's almost not music at all. It's just a bunch of people playing their instruments together. But I guess that makes it music. So music it iz. The drums pound like a hammer. The guitars just flutter and crash around. Chloe Lum, the singer, just wails unintelligible shit. I guess it's not for everyone, but it's good if you're into this sort of stuff. AIDS Wolf is from Montreal in Quebec and they formed in 2003. The current line-up consists of Yannick Desranleau (drums), Chloe Lum (vocals), and Alexander Moskos (guitar). This album iz their first album and it is good.

1. Spit Tastes Like Metal

The song starts out with the bass drums thumping to a shakey shrieky guitar sound. Sometimes there's a little bit of snare, as well. Chloe mumbles and yells a bunch of stuff. I dunno whose spit these guys have been tasting, but it don't taste THAT metallic.

2. Chinese Roulette

My favorite song on the album! The beat kind of reminds me of this one Teenage Jesus & the Jerks song I heard this one time. But it's an awesome, hard-hitting beat. The guitar is frantic and austere at the same time. Chloe screams and wails, sometimes actually sounding like singing. I play this one in the car a lot. It's a very good song.

3. We Multiply

Weird echoey guitar sounds. The bass guitar sounds really cool in some parts -- almost sounds like a slap-bass or something. Chloe's vocals fucking rule, here. The chorus is pretty heavy. I dunno how, it just is.

4. The Hat Collector

The fucking HAT COLLECTOR, MAN!!! Always collecting my hats n' stuff. Gets to be a real bitch sometimes. It's okay, though, 'cause if I lose a hat, he always collects it back and stuff. Mixed blessings, y'know? Anyways, the song just kinda starts with a bunch of possibly improvised lead guitar stuff. Occasionally there's a hyper-speed drumbeat amidst all this, but it only comes so often, until about a minute and a half into the song where it becomes a regular part of the song. Mostly instrumental.

5. Vampire King

Starts off with an ultra-fast beat and general mayhem. The beat slows down to about mid-tempo for a part of the song, and then it speeds up to ultra-fast again. The ultra fast parts are pretty crazy. Chloe's probably just shaking her head around and saying stupid stuff or blowing bubbles in some milk or something.

6. Panty Mind

This song has the most conventional punk rock beat out of all of the songs. The guitar in the verse sections are complex and gnarled. However, the chorus section sounds like mutant ska from HELL!! Midway through, the song breaks down into nothing but scattered n' shredded noize, like a Sonic Youth song or something. The song's main "riff" is repeated towards the end.

7. Opposing Walls

Okay, you've got two walls. And there's a giant wrecking ball smashing back and forth between them. That's pretty much what the beat for this song sounds like. AIDS Wolf may have AIDS, but they've got fuckin' rhythm, I will give them that. Hell, the main appeal for this song is the fact that it sounds like you're being smashed in the head with a hammer with AIDS (wolf) repeatedly, I guess. Anyways, I like it. End of Side 1.

8. Some Sexual Drawings

I want to look at some sexual drawings. Right nauw. Oh well. As the song begins, a towering monolith of a bass guitar-generated manatee comes in, looking to see if I have stolen its candy or not. But I have not. But then, suddenly, a steel robot made out of the sounds made by the rhythm guitar comes in to make sure everything's in line. I'm in a room surrounded by giant scary monsters. That's what this song iz sounding like, so far. And bumble bees. Lots of bumble bees. AIDS Wolf are going to fucking KILL YOU. They're gonna FUCK YOU UP THE ASS AND RAPE YOU AND THEY HAVE AIDS SO YOU WILL GET ZE AIDS TOO. "AUAUAUAUAUAUEUEUEUAUAUAUAEUEUAUAUAUEUEUEUEUEUEUEUEUEUAUAUAUAUAUAUAEUEU", sings Chloe, to remind us that, well, she's one scary fucker. FUCK-er. A FUCK-er is one who FUCKS. Like. I am not a fucker. I do not fuck. I have not FUCKed. But if I FUCK, then I am a FUCKer, because I FUCK. Does that make any sense to you? I dunno. This song is really long.

Having not heard the entire "Lovvers LP" before, I have come to realize that I actually like it better than "Cities of Glass". Why? Because while Cities of Glass is more noisy and chaotic, The Lovvers LP sounds more like actual songs. Toneless, bizarre, noisy songs, but still songs. This is an extremely cool album. And Chloe Lum is really really good looking and I have a crush on her because she makes cool music and she's beautiful. He he. Side A of the album is mostly some warped No-Wave punk songs, and Side B is a deathly mess of brain damage. So, it's your pick. Some of the songs kind of remind me of early Sonic Youth. Except I actually like this better. Not better than ALL Sonic Youth, but better than Sonic Youth in the early '80s. So, for all of you happy children of happiness out there: spread the love. Spread the joy. Play this little album everywhere. Play it for your mum. Play it for your dad. Play it for all of your radio-loving joy friends. Play it at church. Spread the happy joy and loving gospel of AIDS Wolf, children. May the sunshine bless you, and please apologize to all of the small insects you accidentally kill. Bye bye!

Top 3 Favorites:

1. Chinese Roulette
Panty Mind
3. We Multiply


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