Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review #239: Matt Bones & the Skeleton Family - Demo (2010)


Year: 2010
Punk Rock/Heavy Metal
Length: 25 Minutes
My Rating:

Okay, so in January of this year, one of my friends from school handed me a copy of this CD. It's a demo CD by the artist "Matt Bones". Apparently Matt is a friend of hers. Matt Bones was apparently in the Piqua hardcore punk (imagine that!) band, the Street Freaks, which existed during the previous decade until they "got tired and burnt out" on that project. Matt Bones also plays bass guitar for a French industrial rock band called Electra-Kill. This recording resembles more traditional '70s punk rock and early heavy metal than the hardcore/street punk type stuff that the Street Freaks played. According to my friend, Matt was in another band before that but I do not know the name of thiz band. Sorry.

1. All Dressed Up
The whole intro guitar melody and riff sound really familiar but I do not know where I have heard this before... perhaps it's just one of those riffs so good that they were simply meant to be invented so they were in our hearts all along and finally, Mister Bones played those notes n' chords THAT WE AS A HUMAN RACE WANTED TO HEAR!! But probably not. Matt has a unique but cool singing voice. This song is about getting fucked-up and loaded at night because there's nothing else to do. It has a metal-ish sound to it... it's kind of a sad song.

2. Shut Up Honky
Despite Matt Bones being a honky himself (or simply a very well-disguised negro), he too tells honkies to shut up. Once again, lyrics describe smoking cigarettes and feeling lonely. What a shame. This is a little more upbeat... it's about being pissed off at a chick (?) who's a backstabber and breaks your heart. A lot of emotion in these songs, or at least a very good pop sensibility. Nice guitar playing. It has a slight surf rock sound to it ('cuz of that nifty little beat), with a little Misfits flavour in thare ass well. Ass well. It's a well inside of somebody's ass. Great song.

3. Alien Armageddon
This song iz pretty fun. I love it myself. The song, as you may guess describes an alien invasion that destroys the human race and the panic that precedes it. I HOPE I LIVE TO SEE MYSELF GROW OLD BEFORE THE WORLD TURNS BLACK AND GOLD... actually, this song might actually be about the fact that aliens are ALREADY controlling the planet and using our governments/large corporations to carry out their bidding. Either one, I suppose. I have to pop. But anyways, this is a fucking rock song in a sense most people would assume. Except for that little paranoid scream "FIND GAWWWD, BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!" in the chorus part. YAY FOR ALIENS KILLING PEOPLEEEEE UUUGHHH NOOOO

4. Blow You a Kiss Through the Wind
I love this song as well. It's beautiful... the guitar sounds absolutely wonderful and it's about as blissful as you can get. It's about missing the girl you love and just being able to blow her a kiss through the wind... unfortunately girls hate you (guys if you're into those) and will never love you so FUCK YOU, BITCH.

5. Darkest Times
This is probably my favorite song on the CD. The guitar is really soft (maybe acoustic) on this one and the chorus is about as good as it gets. The song's about feeling that you will survive through the hard times in life. I used to drive around backroads a lot listening to this song because I love it so much. Unfortunately my new car CD player hardly works worth a shit.

6. Break the World
Another song in a more heavy metal territory. Quite lead-guitar driven. I could imagine a bunch of badass biker dudes blasting this if not for its overtly leftist message... the song expresses a desire to destroy the capitalist system and its greed-driven rulers and the military, so we don't have to live in a world where there is a price on everything. Yet another awesome tune from mister Matthew Boners.

7. Sunburns
This is probably my least favorite song on the CD. It's just not as appealing to me as the other songs. The chorus is pretty good, though... I like the twang in his voice in that part. It's like angry glam metal.

8. Some Kind of Hate
This is a Misfits cover. And I heard this version before the original (didn't know much about the Misfits at thut point), and briefly I actually believed this was an original song... it's awesome either way, they capture the spirit of the original just fine! Wonderful but gruesome lyrics, extremely hard-rockin' beat and guitar riff. What's not to love?

9. Song for the Gambler
This is just acoustic guitar and singing, as opposed to other instruments. It has a pretty but kind of gloomy chorus... the song describes feeling like you're living life against a gambler as "you've been dealt the losing hand". I really like the vibrato in Matt's voice...

10. Hold
Another kind of sad pop-metal song, but it doesn't really hold (hah, get it?) up to most of the previous songs here. It has a cool guitar solo, thuh.

Where the glam rock ethic has pretty much been dead since the '90s, this record still has that. It's a pretty refreshing thing to listen to since it doesn't really sound like much else that's being made right now and the songs are all very memorable and well-written. Matt's singing voice is very good as well and it's a nice change of pace from the constant screaming or the canned emo-boy shit that seems to dominate most rock music these days. But yes, this is definitely a good listen and it sucks that this doesn't seem to be an actual band or anything. So I guess the Skeleton Family doesn't even exist and it's Matt Bones. Which would make sense since most skeleton families happen to be buried under graves. But do check out Matt's muzick on his MySpace page here:


Top 3 Favorites:
1. Darkest Times
2. Blow You a Kiss Through the Wind

3. Shut Up Honky

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