Friday, July 8, 2011

Review #237: The Whores - E.P. (2010)


Year: 2010
Hardcore Punk/Heavy Metal
Length: 16 Minutes
My Rating:

The Whores were a rock band from Bristol, U.K. that existed from 2006 (but they didn't play their first gig until '08) to February of this year. I first discovered them about two years ago from their music video for the song "Somebody" and I instantly realized that they rocked! Their style is a punk/metal hybrid sound... imagine the Distillers and White Zombie had a rock & roll group orgy. The band's line-up consisted of Robyn Pistols (vox/bass guitar), Scrod Vile (also vox/guitar), and Chun Leek (drummist).

I think the band recorded an earlier EP called "Rot to Rust" or something like that, I could be wrong, but this is the band's newest and final (but hopefully not!!) release and it got a decent amount of media attention, but unfortunately the band is still stuck in obscurity for those not in-the-know...

1. Heart of Stone
Begins with the strumming of the bass guitar and siren noises... some parts are slow and other parts are fast... completely awesome chords all the way through! It's got a really good feel like something really important is about to happen. Scrod Vile sings on the chorus section with Robyn providing backing vocals. Mid-song, there is a quieter bridge section that explodes in a series of screams and then Robyn starts yelling "FUCK YOUR SYSTEM" over and over again until the band hits up the chorus again.

2. Doesn't Really Matter
This is a more fast song. The guitar-playing here (as with all the band's songs, really) is excellent, as the band provides really kick-ass combinations of chord-progressions, lead melodies, singing, and interesting drum beats and tempo changes.

3. Bleed On Me
This song is pretty emotionally heavy... the song begins with a soft, quiet intro section, and then things get hard after that! The drum beat is totally hypnotizing and Robyn sounds ready to completely mutilate the subject of her anger with a more-than-bloody vengeance! Definitely the best on this record!

4. Hollow
Starts off with a bass-guitar-driven fast verse section with alternating sung parts between Robyn and Scrod, and then it bursts into a fucking great chorus... the shrill chords and the throaty, powerful sounding singing really make a good combo... the Whores' music is packed to the brim with emotional potency.

5. Friendly Bombs
Scrod Vile sings on this one... there's not much guitar or bass here, mostly just Scrod singing to a drum beat... the lyrics sing about the shitty state of the world, with sick animals, warfare, paranoia, and all of that great stuff... and so, Scrod continually yells the conclusion that "MOTHER NEVER LOVED YOU..."

It really sucks that this band broke up so soon... they seem to have just about all of the good ingredients for an awesome band... excellent songwriting, a lot of emotion, what seems to have been a pretty entertaining stage presence, and the music was pretty un-generic... as I said before, one of my favorite new-ish bands! Oh well, shit happens. But yeah, definitely go to see MySpacebook/whatever page and check out the songs, because they rock hard!


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