Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Review #234: Low Places - Violent Hunger E.P. (2010)


Year: 2010
Hardcore Punk
Length: 6 Minutes
My Rating:

Low Places are a hardcore punk group from L.A., California! It is the first release by the band and a couple of other E.P.'s have been released by the band since. Soon a 12" record called "Spiritual Healing" will be released by the band on A389 Recordings as well. I don't know a ton else about the band, but they can either be really fast or really slow, and these guys are very much "hardcore", in the musical sense, at least... I mean, just look at that cover! Exploded humans! Cool! But I digress... it's time to do that thing I do...

1. Sleeping In
Feedback. And then a droning, low-pitched riff commences. It's like the Melvins if they were more serious... actually, that's pretty lazy of me to say, this doesn't sound very much like the Melvins at all besides being slow and heavy. Oh, wait, nevermind, they do remind me of the Melvins a little bit. But the singer screams. More fucking screaming... and it's not fucking awesome screaming like the Accused, but hey, it's their band, should they sound exactly like the Accused? WELL WHY THE FUCK NOT? I LOVE THE ACCUSED! Anyways, yeah, I'll just namedrop some more Seattle-originating punk/metal hybrid bands and not fucking talk about the song. And then I'll be self-critical and throw you some more proverbial curveballs. Heh-heh... "Balls". HAHAHAHAHA! The guitar feels pretty goddamn chuggin', like one would chug a bottle of milk, perhaps. The middle part is all fast! Fuck yeah!! Nice guitar riff also... it's a very pissed off song. I think these guys were totally not happy when they recorded/wrote it. It's just too bad I don't know the lyrics. Hey, Low Places, wanna tell me your lyrics, maybe?? PLEEEEAZE??!!

2. Detached
This one's real awesome as well. Starts off with a beat that kinda gets you revved up for action, and then it really fucking kicks off and gets really loud. FAST! YES! AWESOME FURIOUS GUITAR RIFF AND DRUMMING AND SCREAMIN' LIKE A DEMON AND ALL THAT STUFF. Y'know, it's like the kind of song you intentionally get into a car wreck to. Because you're just so DETACHED!!

3. The Doors Are Closing
Starts off with a sample of some people talking and then some guy says "The Doors Are Closing". Then the song begins. It's very slow and massive. Then the band kicks into thrash mode, and this goes on for a bit until the band becomes backed into a corner. The singer begins lashing back out at the listener, screaming his shit while the rest of the band has calmed down a bit. More people talking. That's all.

So that's my review for the day... this band seems to pump out a lot of stuff in a short amount of time, so we'll probably hear more about Low Places on the site again. If anyone has lyrics or additional info on this group, then lemme know. The songs are equally good I'd say, but I do appreciate the short/sweetness of numero two. Can't go wrong with a short fast song. Unless it sucks. But that song didn't suck. So we're okay. The tape is out of print so you can download the record for free off of the band's BandCamp website. I'll be back with another review tomorrow.

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