Thursday, October 28, 2010

Review #173: Black Breath - Razor to Obilivion (EP) (2008)


Year: 2008
Thrash Metal/Hardcore Punk
Hot Mass Records
14 Minutes
My Rating:

Ah, Seattle... home of, well, ROCK AND ROLL music. Black Breath is a crossover thrash/hardcore band from the area and this is their first release ever, called "Razor to Oblivion", and it's 12 inches wide and it's gawt four songs and the razor cuts the space-time fabric apart, which creates a tear leading to Oblivion. Makes sense, now don't it? Well, okay. There's two songs on four sides of the album. Wait, no, I meant two sides on each song of the -- SHIT, I mean two songs on two sides of the album! God DAMN IT. Anyways, that would be four songs. Which are on this album. The band consists of... well, I dunno. Maybe I should go ask 'em. But I'm lazy and I wanna get to the point, now. So hear I go.

1. Razor to Oblivion
Fast beat and the song has a real bad-ass riff. The vocals are kinda scream-y, but they're still alright. This song is more of a straight-up hardcore song, but there's some good lead guitar scattered here n' there as well. Cool slow part in the middle. Then after that, there's a guitar solo. Good song.

2. Beneath the Crust
The beat at the beginning of the song rules! The guitar riff here is a bit heavier-sounding. I like the alternating between two different beats during the verse section of the song, it's an awesome touch. After that, the song transitions into a part that's really fast like the first song. After this part, the song slows down briefly and there's a false stop with clock sounds and the last section is slow, and GOD DAMMIT, can this guy sing in any other voice? End of Side 1.

3. Fatal Error
The intro to this song feels like a giant wood-chipper shredding up your skull. Once again, fast. Cool riff. Angry singing. The part around 1 minute and 30 seconds sounds cool. Then after that there's a slow part which is basically the same riff being played in a different tempo. Did he just say "poor little nigger"?

4. Murder
This one's rather slow. Midway through the song gets a little faster. And then there's some pretty cool riff-age in another section of the track. Good drumming, definitely. The track that I have cuts off at about two minutes and thirty seconds, so I don't know what happens next. So that's all I know. Right now.

Well, it's a pretty decent listen, especially for fans of metal-influenced hardcore. My only complaint is that the singer only sings in ONE FUCKING VOICE. Yeah, the scream. Seriously, this would be way more entertaining if he had more character to his singing style. But nope, expect to hear the exact same screamed vocal style throughout the entire EP. Sorry... otherwise this music is pretty damn good. And it has a pretty awesome cover, might I add. This year, the band released their first full album, which is more heavy metal than punk, and I haven't listened to it, but it's released on Southern Lord records, a notable metal label, n' all that shit. So, check it out or don't. It's all up to youuuu (dununununun...).

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