Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Review #169: Lord of Doubts - Lord of Doubts (2010)


Year: 2010
Doom Metal
Sekt Ov Gnozis
49 Minutes
My Rating:

Lord of Doubts is a Russian heavy metal band from Russia... where exactly, I do not know. But Russia. The former U.S.S.R., y'know? Whatever you wanna call it. The band formed in 2008 and this is their first album. It has six songs on it and each one is pretty long and it's fuckin' heavy! Very nice, slow riffage that you can just get stoned/drunk to... great fucked-up sounding vocals as well. I just found out about these guys last night. And this is very good. One complaint is the MIXING... God, they never fucking learn. Mixing your album to be loud as possible does NOT make it sound better, just more condensed, and even though it might seem illogical that mixing your album makes it sound more compact and "small", this is actually the case. So, I have personally re-mixed the album so that I can fully enjoy it, but I probably won't release this re-mix since I could get sued/bitched at and shit. Which I can understand. A budding rock band needs its money. And I say this having illegally downloaded tons of music from new artists. Hey, I can't find fucking School Jerks records in my FYE! I don't have a credit card, either. Well, enough about that. It's review time.

1. Temple of the Riff
The power of this one lies in the riff itself (like the title suggests), the tempo, and the singer's voice. It's slow and sludgy as fuck... in the beginning, you can hear sound clips of people chanting, maybe "Hail Satan" or hail something else, it's hard to make it out. But the riff is really good and just sorta plods along like a giant monster. After a few minutes, you hear Art's (the singer & guitarist) fucked-up sounding voice, and he beckons his "brethren" and "children" to come to the temple, and to come to the altar... of... THE RIFF. Maybe it's the riff of this song. Near the 3-minute mark you hear an airy sort of guitar solo. The song has a just an extremely monstrous, powerful vibe to it. This is a really good song and you should listen to it.

2. Take Me There
The song starts with another television show soundbyte. This is actually the shortest song on the album, just over 5 minutes long. Not nearly as good as Temple of the Riff, but still good. Those last two chords of the verse riff are pretty interesting. Art's voice is echoey. Also listen to that drum beat! It's far from basic like many songs are. At the end of the song, the guitar fades out first, then the drums, then the bass guitar. Reminds me of the ending of "Leeech" by the Melvins.

3. Endless Slumber
Endless Slumber... wouldn't that be kind of like dying? Or at least permanently comatose? Which would be endless slumber? Hee hee ho. After a long string of feedback in one ear and a lead guitar melody playing the main riff, the song segues into the main riff with a drum beat and bass and all that jazz. There's even a neat organ solo in the middle of the song. After another section, there's another fuzzed-out guitar solo. After about six minutes, the song transitions to an ambient, spacey part with wispy sounds and periodic trebly splashes.

4. Satan's Magic Smoke
This one has an AWESOME guitar sound that sounds just... awesome. It's cool. Almost sounds like a singing person, but it's not. Just a weird effect. In the second half, the guitar changes to a more low-pitched, bass sound. Just a lot of cool guitar-play and such. It's a good, relaxing instrumental tune.

5. Heavier Than Universe
Yaey! More singing! Gotta love Art's drunk slurred sounding voice. It sounds great. Just a heavy trudge through the heavy mud beneath your thighs... awesome psychedelic-sounding guitar solo in the song, too! There's a short bass-guitar solo in the song, too.

6. Electric World
Electric World... where everthing is ELECTRIC... kind of like EARTH, as a matter of fact! The song starts out with a bunch of feedback and then kicks off with the main riff played, and the guitars in this song have a really cool sound. This one reminds me a lot of Black Sabbath. The singing has been modified to have a really cool, echoey, trippy effect to it, so that's a plus. It's hard to understand what he's saying, though. Awesome-ass solo after the first verse. I just want to sit down and listen to this fucking song somewhere else besides on my computer. It's loud and powerful, and you want it to make love to you and your friends in a rock orgy in the privacy of your own room. I'd fuck to it. Weowowoweowowoweowowoweowowowowowowowow.

So, that's the end. By the way, if you're wondering who's in the band, according to the CD, they are: Art (guitar, singing), Andres (bass guitar), and V.M. (drums), so thank them for this album. There's not much else I can say, but if you love slow, loud, heavy psychedelic music, then this iz for you! So go and check it aut, why don't ya? Have a nice day, folks.

Top 3 Favorites:
Temple of the Riff
2. Electric World
3. Satan's Magic Smoke

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