Friday, October 15, 2010

Review #167: Mentally Challenged - Disappeared (Single) (2008)


Year: 2008
Hardcore Punk/Noise
Deer Healer Records
10 Minutes
My Rating:

Well, well well... if it isn't a very mentally disabled lil' band called Mentally CHALLENGED? I bet they were REALLY CHALLENGED to come up with that name, AH HA HA HA HA HA imanasshole HA HA AH HA AH HA... ha. But, they are a very noise hardcore band from Brighton, Massachusetts. Pretty sure they formed around 2006 or 2007, but this is their first 7" single. I first found out about these guys about a year ago, but I had only heard the songs on their MySpace page, so my appreciation of the Mentally Challenged was delayed. They've released several cassette tape EPs as well. But I'm here to talk about this single today. So I will. Some more. Again.

1. Disappeared
Starts off with some feedback. This song is really fast and has an extremely intense, aggressive feel to it. The chord progressions, chords, and beats themselves are anything but generic hardcore, however. The singer vaguely sounds like Damaged-era Henry Rollins. Backing vocalists softly speak the lyrics along with the tortured screams. The riff changes during a bridge section where the song cools down for a moment, as the beat becomes more erratic and chaotic and off-tempo. The vocals are kind of scary in this part. This is just awesome. The beat isn't even coherent or on-time AT ALL. The song ends and is outroduced by some more noise and feedback. Now, for Side B.

2. Surveillance
Slow, thumping bass beat, similar to the beginning of "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath. The riff is really negative/ominous sounding and slightly metallic in some parts. The singer's screams can be heard, but they're muffled by the barrage of sonic chaos from the other instruments and the echoes that haunt the room. The melody is awesome. I imagine a skinny creature struggling to survive, crawling through the streets or a very ravaged room as shards of broken glass and metal and other "unclean" things are scattered on the floor. The second half of the song is merely instrumental and there's no singing. But it's a pretty long song.

I'd have to say that a band like Mentally Challenged is a breath of fresh air from the same-ness that's been choking up the music world, 'cause they sound original. Music isn't dead yet, you fucking bastards. Seriously, fuck anyone who tries telling you that. That's down right self-defeatism. I may be a little destructive myself, but why go around thinking like that when you're not ready to die and you have the ability to change things? Those people are already dead on the inside and need to stop wasting food and water. However, if I had to compare them to anyone, they do remind me a lot of Black Flag. Check out their other songs if you can -- they have some other EPs out besides this and I found a compilation of their stuff called "Year One". Mentally Challenged gets my thumbs-up of approval. YAEY.


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