Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Review #162: Reckless Aggression - Demo (2010)


Year: 2010
Genre: Hardcore Punk
12 Minutes
My Rating:

Reckless Aggression is a skinhead hardcore group from Victoria, Australia that formed last year and their sole purpose pretty much seems to be to play punk rock and piss people off (one time they pretended they were going to play a show with a flyer and everything only to never even show up). It seems they're currently in a state of not being able to perform/being broken up/I dunno and they're not selling copies of the tapes 'cause they're sold out and shit, but I'm going to review this tape anyways 'cause I thought it was pretty good.

1. Senseless Behavior
Cool riff. Really angry vocals. They sound just like the name of the only remaining member, whose name is... "Meatdog". Yes. But it's a pretty awesome-sounding song. No lyrics sheet, so I dunno what they're saying.

2. Nobody
This one's really fast. Once again, they have a tendency to write real cool chord progressions. The middle section is slower -- there's a real cool thing the drummer does during that part, but I dunno what the word for it is. Really energetic, awesome-sounding song.

3. Blood On the Streets
Slower tempo. From what I can vaguely make out from the lyrics it's probably some anthem to violence and shit like that. Awesome beat. The part at the end gets speedy, though.

4. Wonderful World
Once again, awesome guitar riff! "What a wonderful world it is..." -- that's the lyrics for the chorus part. The singing is pretty good here, also.

5. Waiting For the Night
Slow verse, fast chorus... you know how that goes. Still cool though, nonetheless.

6. Crusties Fear
Would they mean "Crusties" as in crust punks, "Crustie" the Clown, or those little hard boogers that get caught in the sides of your nose when you haven't picked it in a really long time? Well, they're all fearing right now... fearing something, at least.

7. Reckless Aggression
A theme song! YAEY! Fucking cool-as-somethingthat'sreallycool guitar riff. So is the chorus riff! I love it. A real fast song sure to stir up any pit or dingy room with a tape player or whatever you're listening to this being played in.

8. Nothing to Give
This one actually has a one-note lead guitar solo at 0:53 in the song... AMAZING!!!!! Not much I can really think of to say about this one, but it is a good song.

9. Dead End
The fastest song. Perhaps they were saving up all of their fast-energy up for this song at the very end. And now it IS the very end, man... or woman... I don't know. Geez, looks like time iz up.

So, I thought the songwriting here was pretty good. Perhaps the lyrics were pretty lame or something, but I don't really know 'cause I can't read them. Chock-full of cool chords and beats, though, that's usually pretty good. You'll probably like this if you like hardcore punk or oi or street punk or whatever. It's just really angry, tough-sounding fast music that sounds like it was recorded into a microphone made of broken glass because that would be an angry and tough-sounding thing to do. HAH. I'm just bullshitting you guys, really. But I liked it. So let's leave it at that. Don't know if these guys will be back anytime soon.

Top 3 Favorites:
1. Reckless Aggression
2. Wonderful World

3. Nothing to Give

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