Monday, October 18, 2010

Review #168: Ratspool - Jrutos de Lus (EP) (2010)


Year: 2010
Hardcore Punk/Noise
26 Minutes
My Rating:

Ratspool is a self-proclaimed "cyber-hardcore" band from Colombia. The group formed circa 2009 and there's three members of the band, whose names I do not know, so if the band would be able to tell me, that would be really nice of you. They put out a demo last year in '09 called "Ratspool Say Fuck You", and now THIS one, which is called "Jrutos de Lus", is a seven-song EP released over the internet, though it's really long enough to be considered an album. But I really liked it as soon as I heard these songs for the first time. The band's musical style is a noisy breed of hardcore similar to Flipper with electronic beats. It's cool legit stuff.

1. Intro
The track starts off with a soundclip of a television/radio program in Spanish, and others are repeated during the song, as a strange electronic tune plays in the background.

2. Sueños Prestados
Cool sound to the guitars the band does have. The electronic beats sound weird in a good way. The singer's voice adds to the franticness of the song. It's pretty fast. Two-chord riff. Awesome beat. The noisy aspects of the guitar sound awesome and fit in perfectly with the song... kind of reminds me of early Sonic Youth. It's pretty chaotic and awesome.

3. Jesuxcristoel
Different singer on this song (one of the two male members). The song halts and breaks into a noise section after a few verse sections, and after a short bit the beat starts up again for a bridge section. Then the main singer returns to the mike again to sing for the rest of the song. And more awesome noize guitar bits interspliced between the sung lines. I thought that sounded awesome.

4. Joven de Versalles
This song's a little slower than the two songs before it. It has an angry-sounding bassline. A little bit like Flipper. There are weird little hyper-sped-up sounds going on in the sides of your ears, sounding like a cross between water, mice, and a ray-gun. The guitars sound like chiming bells on crack in some parts. The singer sings really fast in some parts of the song. Neat bass riff. In the end of the song, all you can hear are the creepy weird noises and the bass guitar.

5. Se Me Safron los Cables
The song starts with the beat, a very weird bass sound, and that clanging guitar. In one part she sings the same line repeatedly to the rolling drum beat and they sound really cool together. In that part after that you hear an awesome guitar riff. Man, that's an awesome beat. After the main parts of the song are over, the song melts into a doom-metal-esque drone with buzzing and humming noises layered over it.

6. Candy
Another great song on the record. The beat alternates from mid-tempo to twice that speed and it's got a cool guitar melody also. The final part is really fast and aggressive-sounding. Shortest song on the EP.

7. Puñalanda Auditiva
Click-clack-click-clack... that's how the beat sounds. The singer yells something in Spanish (which is the language all of the songs are in) and cool video game-ish sounds sound to her voice. This is the fastest song on the EP! The second half of the song is slower. At some points the rhythm guitar buildup gets thicker than others. The song dissolves into pure sonic sludge at the end...

Definitely an original-sounding band! The music is really cool and you should check it aut, especially if you are a fan of Flipper, Big Black, or Sonic Youth. I kept on coming back after the first listen and you can hear the whole thing on the band's MySpace page. They have a 4-song demo, also. So, go check it out, it's pretty awesome and great for all fans of noise punk! That's my review for today. Seeya later.

Top 3 Favorites:
2. Puñalanda Auditiva
3. Joven de Versalles

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