Thursday, December 31, 2009

Review #28: A.N.S. - Pressure Cracks (2009)


Year: 2009
Genre: Heavy Metal, Punk Rock
Sub-Genres: Thrash, Hardcore
Label: Tankcrime Records
Tracks: 9
Length: 21 Minutes (Medium-Length)
Style: Angry
My Rating: 6/8

As the newest release from A.N.S., this one features the band delving into the thrash-metal genre. Whether that's what they'll be for the rest of their career or not is unknown. Still, this is a pretty good album that takes advantage of a new, more metal-y sound.

For this record, the band signed to Tankcrimes Records, a metal and punk label. Much like their previous album, the '80s influences can still be heard, and there's a track that totally reminds me of something off of "My War" by Black Flag. But, here's the important part. The review.

1. I Killed Porcho
Starts with a soundclip of the infamous Henry Rollins vs. Unnamed 15-Year-Old Kid interview where the kid is saying "you going a little slow heavy metal, kinda? Maybe?", to which Greg Ginn replies "a little zany, a little wasty..." the song starts. This one is really fast. You can hear the hyper-fast metal guitar riffs and the heavy inclusion of guitar leads. Great first song!

2. Down the Rabbit Hole
Another fast song, but not as fast as the last song. It's the shortest song on the album. Ends VERY fast.

3. If You Don't Get It Now...
A slow intro. The song itself is pretty fast. Closer to just plain ol' hardcore, here. I love the vocals, here.

4. Seized by Fascists
"Nazis... I hate these guys" -- the song opens with that line. The vocals here are pretty badass, and the song itself is also really good! Towards the end there is an awesome lead-solo. I listen to this song in the car a lot.

5. Speak to Me
Makes extensive use of lead guitar. Interesting beat, here. 2/3 through the song, it slows down. Eventually, it fades out. End of Side 1.

6. Tunnel Vision
You too can have "tunnel vision"! Just take a toilet paper roll and stick it in your eye! For real, though, this is another thrash song. Nothing extremely interesting here, but it's a good song.

7. The All Consumer
Starts RELATIVELY fast... then it gets REALLY FUCKING FAST... until getting about as fast as it started... and then it gets REALLY FUCKING FAST again. THEN IT STAYS REALLY FUCKING FAST, WITH A SOLO! THEN IT GETS REALLY FUCKING SLOW, and the singer starts yelling about how he "won't let it control him", and how "the morning has come". So basically, the first half of the song is ultra-fast, and the second half is really slow.

8. Instru-Monu-Mental
Opens with a pretty nice riff. Starts as a slow song, but it gets faster once the drums appear before yer airs. Basically somewhat art-punk sounding music accompanied by spoken poetry by Chris. This one has a good solo.

9. Bleeding
Starts with the ringing of a large bell. Another slow song. This one will remind you of "My War"-era Black Flag. Very interesting-sounding, introspective lyrics (though I can't understand them all). Awesome screams. The song actually gets fast 2/3 through! In this ending section, there iz, in fact, a neat-o sol-o. And then, it ends. No hidden track for you.

This is a very good album. While I'd like to see A.N.S. do a little plain o' punk here and there ('cause they're actually good at that), they are still just as great as a metal band. If "The Pool" was like the product of a strange sexual interaction between "Damaged" and "Suicidal Tendencides", then this album is the bastard child of "My War" and "Join the Army"! One of the actual SOLID albums of 2009! If you like punk or metal, then this iz for you.

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