Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Review #15: Pandora - Breed My Dye (EP) (2009)

Year: 2009
Genre: Punk Rock
Sub-Genres: Post-Punk, Grunge
Label: Xochipilli Records
Tracks: 4
Length: 11 Minutes (Short)
Style: Emotional/Bleak
My Rating: 6/8

Pandora is a new lil' band from Belgium, over thar in U-Rope. Two sisters, Annika and Michelle, decided to pursue rock n' roll as their future against the wishes of their parents, n' they have a drummer named Roman. Anyways, they've been around since 2007 or 2006, I believe. Last year, they got signed to Xochipilli Records and released their debut EP record, "Shoot Me I'll Pay You". A few months ago, they released a new record to precede their first LP, "Melancholic Freedom", which will come out in less than a month in January of 2010!

Pandora's style of music is reminiscent of early '90s alternative rock, and there are elements of '80s post-punk as well, but the sound is pretty original-sounding. Also, on this album, Lucia Rehab from Betty Poison appears on the final (and best track) on this record. AFDSGSDFGDFGDF

1. Breed My Dye
The title-sake of the album. It's a mid-tempo rock song that alternates between calm and not-that-calm sections. My favorite part is the ending section, but the chorus of the song is pretty legit, as well. They made a music video for this one, and it has a lot of puking up of stuff that reminds me of that "Gak" stuff that I used to play with as a little kid. Hell, maybe that's what it was.

2. Breakfast Saturday Night
Similar tempo to "Breed My Dye". The song begins with cool, asian-sounding guitar noises, but then the song turns into something more normal-sounding. The guitar actually sounds pretty nice here, 'cause in the verses it sounds kind of airy and neat, and then it retains the eastern twang of the intro in the choruses. By the way, what IS it to have breakfast on Saturday night? Would it be like not eating on Saturday until night? Or would it be to eat eggs and bacon and stuff on Saturday Night? Who knows...

3. Rad Masturbation
A FAST song!! Well, as the title suggests, masturbation is actually pretty rad. Hell, I've done it up to 5 times a day (that's how lonely I am). Annie's mellow groan in the first half of the album transforms into a powerful and angry yell here, and the song ends pretty nicely. She reminds whoever the hell she's directed this song at that "It's okay if you masturbate, I will fuck you anyway." That's nice to know.

4. Fall (ft. Lucia Rehab)
This could almost be mistaken for an acoustic track, but you can tell that it's electric, just with very little distortion. There is no percussion, here. In the verse, Lucia can be heard with her more aggressive backing vocals, with Annie's softer front vocals. My favorite part is the chorus, mainly for the riff during that part. It's a pretty depressing song, but it sounds great, and is an accurate musical depiction of that mood.

"Breed My Dye" is a bleak, emotional piece that seems to revolve around depression and isolation, but I'm just getting that from how the MUSIC sounds. I don't know the lyrics, so for all I know, they could be singing about how they're the fucking happiest people in the history of the Planet. If you like this, on January 15th of this upcoming year, they are going to be releasing their first full-length LP, "Melancholic Freedom". YAY!!! And on that same day, over in U-Rope, they will be throwing an ALBUM RELEASE PARTY. And I won't be able to go. So go for me. At least one of you. Whatever. Enjoy this album. Bye.


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