Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Review #13: The Shocker - Up Your Ass Tray (EP) (2003)

Year: 2003
Genre: Punk Rock
Sub-Genres: Pop-Punk, Hardcore
Label: Oglio
Tracks: 7
Length: 20 Minutes (Medium-Length)
Style: Fun/Rebellious
My Rating: 6/8

The Shocker is a band from L.A. formed by Jennifer Precious Finch, the former bassist from L7 who left the band in 1996 to go on to other things. But anyways, "Up Your Ass Tray" was and has been pretty much the sole recording focus of the band. You don't hear much about 'em these days, so I've been wondering what the current status of the band iz.

In 2006, they DID release an extended LP version of this record, but since this one already has all of the songs that I like by them as well as a cover song NOT available on that album, I'm just gonna review this one. It takes longer than you'd think to write a review. Or maybe I'm actually doing these really fast. Who... knows?

1. Smoke Rings (Up Your Ass Tray)
Y'know, I'll bet that SOMEWHERE there are ashtrays that are shaped like asses. Imagine how funny that would be? Well, this iz a song potentially based around such a concept. It's fast, and has a lot of lead as well as extensive group effort in the vocals department. There's actually a part where the beat gets kinda weird, and even teeny bit of noise. Not the best track on the album, but it iz good.

2. My Life as a Plumber
I love this one. Starts with a deep bass that turns into an up-beat song with a little bit of synth-keyboard. It has some nice sassy backing vocals and great guitar leads. Nice mid-section, too. It's a song about, well, the life of a plumber.

3. Break in Two
A Ramones-tempo'd song. I'm guessing it's some sorta criticism on the government, lyrics-wise, but it has a happy-sounding chorus. Lovin' the beats, here.

4. Your Problem Now
Not a huge fan of this one, it's a little too poppy for my tastes, but it has good rhythm guitar, at least. Some "wowowowowowow"s just before the chorus.

5. Bad Brain Good Head
I DO really like this one, now! My favorite song on the album. Perhaps it's about a chick with a bad brain who gives good head. Or maybe based around a remark that the band, Bad Brains, has some pretty "good heads" on their shoulders? Well, I do like this song. Pretty party-ish mood, I must say. Got some cool "hey" yells in the background at the end of the song. Or maybe they're saying "head"? Who-Nose. Listen to this in the car with your friends.
6. Angel of the Morning
A pretty nice Juice Newton cover, and it's got good energy to it. Good song. :-)

7. Good Head (Again)
A short acoustic version of "Bad Brain Good Head" with deep-voiced male vocals. Not a bad ending.

Well, this album isn't perfect, I'm not huge on its 2000's-era production values or overt pop-punk lean, but beneath all of that, the songs are all good, and that's what matters. If you like this and wanna hear more, they have a full-length version of this album, but this one has all of the songs I like the most by them. Recommended for fans of L7.

P.S. -- Does anyone know what happened to this band? I can't find any post 2007-info on them. Did they break up? If you have info, lemme know.


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