Monday, December 28, 2009

Review #23: The Melvins - Eggnog (EP) (1991)

Year: 1991
Genre: Heavy Metal, Punk Rock
Sub-Genres: Sludge, Grunge, Noise, Hardcore
Label: Boner Records
Tracks: 4
Length: 20 Minutes (Medium-Length)
Style: Angry/Weird/Funny
My Rating: 6/8

The Melvins are just one o' those bands that can do almost anything they want and succeed. They started out as a great hardcore band, and along the way, invented grunge, and then they went on to invent sludge-metal, and they dabbled in electronic music and experimental noise-rock as well. It's just a shame I didn't review this one before Christmas. It would've been fitting. Eggnog was a favorite of mine during the holiday season until I learned that I was very allergic to milk. Fuck.

Anyways, this one is considered a staple album by the Melvins by a lot of people. And it IS true, the songs on here are pretty good, though in my opinion, they have done better songs. But still, this is AMONG their best in terms of quality.

1. Wispy
Starts with some pounding drums and guitar noise. Contains the memorable line "I don't know much, but... I don't feel so good." Buzzo goes on to sing some stoner poetry, as the drum-and-bass verse build up, until at the end of the lyrics, Buzz lets out a mighty yell which fits extremely well with the instruments. Ends with banging drums. It's a pretty short song.

2. Antitoxidote
My favorite track on the EP. Starts with a slow intro, but then we realize that this is a hardcore punk song! It's very badass, and then after the first verse, Buzz lets out a crazed scream/yell, and then there's another section of the song which has a truly badass recurring line, "PIGS DON'T LET IT!", yelled throughout that part as well as other lyrics inbetween. This song is fucking awesome. I want to play it at parties!

3. Hog Leg
Starts with a tape of a christian evangelist preacher manipulated to say funny shit about alcohol. The song has almost KISS-like vocals with a glam-rock sounding shriek. This one's really heavy. The mid-section, however, iz a noise-fest.

4. Charmicarmicat
Motor-engine sounding guitars. This song is ultra-slow, much like "Boris" on the record before it, "Bullhead". Extremely slow, dirging, and one of the heaviest songs the Melvins have ever done. Near the end of the song, you can hear lyrics that sound like "bastards take away!!", or something like that. It's longer than the other songs on Eggnog combined. DSFSDFSDGSF

I think this is a pretty good Melvins record! It's got a little bit of all of the styles that the Melvins are associated with. The first song is like grunge, the second song is punk, the third song is a mashup between heavy metal and noise-rock, and the final song is pure sludge. Get someone this EP for Christmas.


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