Sunday, March 20, 2011

Review #224: Diehatzu Hijets - Doo Doo Boy (2011)


Year: 2011
Punk Rock/Folk Rock
Length: 32 Minutes
My Rating:

DAMN, I was pissed-off, earlier today... ever have that feeling that all your friends are just a bunch of fucking fakers and that they secretly have no care or respect for you and that they couldn't give a rat's ass about you? Well, that's how I feel... but I don't feel as bad right now. But I'm really sick of people ignoring me all the time, I do not like it.

Anyways, this is Diehatzu Hijets's first full album, with eight songs on it. It will be officially released at the end of this month on March 30, but you can listen to the songs on the Diehatzu Hijets BandCamp website. There will be an album release show on March 30...

This album was recorded by Layne L'Heureux (vocals/guitar) only, and it was recorded throughout 2010... the production is a lot more polished than the first E.P., and the songs are getting less simplistic. Most of the songs on here are really good, and at the end there are two songs that are just acoustic guitar and singing. It even has a kool cover-art, isn't that JUST GREAT??? Anyways, I feel really shitty today, but I'm still going to make an effort to write my review of this...

1. Where You At?
"Where you at?"... that's a question that gets frequently un-answered BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE FUCKING DOUCHEBAGS THAT NEVER ANSWER YOUR FUCKING PHONE CALLS!! Ahem. The song starts off soft and mellow (Mello-Yello) and then explodes into a louder song with an electrifying lead guitar solo and a droopy guitar sound and a drum beat and all of that stuff. The guitar has a really warm sound in the chorus. There's actually two guitars. There's lead guitar going on over the rhythm guitar. After the loud parts, there's a slower, psychedelic-type of part, and then the song returns to soft-acoustic mode with some cool sound effects. I like how there's two guitars still. Well-crafted song... just as much a soundscape as a song. Pretty long song.

2. Falling Apart
This one starts off really folk-sounding... like, the way the guitar melodies sound... quickly, a buzzing hot electric guitar riff ignites over the other sounds. The chorus is pretty catchy. Or at least good. The song is really nice. There's a lot of cool parts to this song, like the acoustic guitar sound. Pretty awesome n' stuff.

3. Find Me
This one's more fast and upbeat. The riff is pretty good. More acoustic/electric guitar combos... I like that. PSYCHOMINDBABBLE. YAEY FOR THAT. The part at the very end is awesome... I like the one stroke of an acoustic guitar chord at the very end.

4. Bro
Starts out with a watery-sounding guitar melody... Layne sings, "BE MY BRO 'TILL TIME GROWS OLD"... having friends is nice when they aren't douchebags who betray you and lie to you. In the chorus, the guitar sound gets real grungy and fuzzed-out. Then after that, there's a guitar solo... the part after that sounds really euphoric and awesome... a fuzzy yet wet (whether or not this is comparable to a vagina is debatable) guitar sound, and it sounds really great. I like this song a lot! But don't actually kill your mom... killin' yer mom's bad, mm'kay? The softer guitar in the background is awesome. I love this song.

5. Fizz Out
People are huge douchebags. They act like your friends and act like they want to be your friends and then when you try to get together with them or even talk to them they just ignore you because they're all a bunch of lying self-serving fakers who can get away with it because they surround themselves with equally assholish people they've known since the age of five. Oh, you wanted to know what I thought of this song? I like the opening part... it's kind of slow and laid back. "MY BRAIN BEGAN TO OOOOOZE...." OOOOOOZEEEE.... OOOOOZEEEE... THEN IT FIZZED RIGHT OUT... it's really emotional and beautiful. I like the solo that starts around a minute and a half in the song. Really great. The lyrics are amazing... the "IF YOU'RE WAITING ON FIRE" part is the best... the guitar melody and harmonies and everything are fucking AMAZING. I love this song and band... you can start to hear a bunch of buzzing furious lead guitar fade in from the very background... the vocals are great. This song sounds amazing.

6. Cut Yourself Free
This song is great from the very start. The guitar melody at the beginning is beautiful. In the chorus, there's the lyrics "WHERE DOES IT BLEED?" accompanied by really loud noisy instrumentation divided by a quiet two-note interlude before repeating several times... the next part kind of ascends and stuff. Two-note bass ascension? I dunno. It gets louder and noisier as it goes on. Amazing lead guitar stuff going on in the background. After this is an amazing lead guitar solo... I love it. This is the last "band" song of the album... now for two acoustic songs.

7. Stay
Just Mister L'Heureux and an acoustic guitar. From the moment it starts, you can tell that it's amazing. Kind of sad feel to it. The chorus of the song has a great humming chorus in the background that goes awesomely with that part of the song. "Bag of shit, jar of piss". That's how I'm feeling right now, buddy. After this part of the song is a bridge section with a solo. This song's a bit more repetitive than the other songs on this album... the last part is the chorus repeated.

8. O Me
This was also on the "Farmer Automatic" E.P. from June... it's an acoustic song about getting back up on your feet and trying to find a way out of the darkness... the riff is amazing... the whole song is great. Pure emotion, just like about every other tune on this album. I probably said a lot more stuff about this song on my other review of it... but to put things simply, I like it a lot. It's good. And stuff. The part at the very end of the song with the guitar is awesome. The end!

Diehatzu Hijets will be playing at the Wunderbar on March 30! So get STRAPPED FOR CASH FOR YOUR LIVES or something similar like that. The album is pretty loud but melodic at almost every turn, and really emotional too. And it's nice how it closes off with two more mellow acoustic songs... really reminds me of weekends out here in the middle of nowhere. Anyways, it's real good, and there is only more Diehatzu Hijets stuff coming your way... the band seems to have endless ideas! Also, stay tuned for the split album n' stuff. That should be released soon as well. It amazes me how many songs Layne has written in such a short amount of time... anyways, you should check aut this album because it's really good... you can buy it for $5 on the site... it's good music for when you're feeling low... it just fucking bleeds... amazing guitar riffs and melodies at about every turn. That's all I've got to say for now. BYE BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top 3 Favorites:
1. Fizz Out
2. Bro

3. Falling Apart

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