Friday, March 5, 2010

Review #79: Ecoli - Judas Cradle (EP) (2009)


Year: 2009
Genre: Punk Rock
Hardcore, Noise
Stress Domain Records
8 Minutes (Short)
My Rating:

Ecoli is a hardcore punk band from Bay Area, California. They formed around 2005 or so. They have released two 7" EPs, a self-titled one and now "Judas Cradle", their newest record. I don't know much else about them so I'll just dive into the reviewing part.

1. Shut Up and Suffer
The first thing noticable is that while the band is a hardcore band, the instrumentation is pretty technical, the song structures are relatively complex, and unpredictable. Alternates between typical very fast tempos, lagging slow tempos, and ultra-fast beats in the very end. Lots of guitar leads used as well. Shortest song on the EP.

2. Gestation
Starts with a slow, depressing intro, totally exploded by an ultra fast beat and a neat-o riff. The chorus riff is real cool, too. The song ends with a guitar solo. Longest song on the album.

3. Giardia
I like thiss one. Once again, extremely fast!!

4. The Gimp Box
Starts with a whomping riff. Fast but not too fast. Two-thirds into the song, the riff and the tempo change to something even more legit. End of Side Uno.

5. Acedia
Slower in the first half, really fast in the second half. Has a somewhat surf rock feel to it.

6. Revolting Hallucinations
Kind of a spacey feel to this song. shfjdfhdkh

7. Judas Cradle
Opens and finishes with a certain bizarre lead-guitar riff. More of those crazy alternating rhythms and tempos. Not very long.

8. Self Cognizance: Chud Baby
The intro is made up of noizy guitar leads accompanying the very swift beat. In the first verse, the rhythm guitar takes over. In the first verse, it's vocals and lead guitar. Very intense.

As I said earlier, while it's extremely fast and thrashy, there's a certain complexity and diversity to it which sets it apart from being just another run-of-the-mill punk band. I don't know the lyrics and they sure are sung really fucking fast so I couldn't decipher them. On the EP before this, I think the main topic was supposed to be racism, judging by the song titles and the cover art. But I'm clueless here... maybe the songs are all about lil' retard babies with funny mechanical hats? Who knows, anymore... who... knows... dude...

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