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Review #77: Social Distortion - 1945 (Single) (1982)

1945 (Single)

Year: 1982
Genre: Punk Rock
13th Floor Records
7 Minutes (Very Short)
My Rating:

Social Distortion write good songs. Even before "Mommy's Little Monster" they were writing truly great stuff. Well, anyways, this was their second release after a single called "Mainliner" from 1981. This single has three songs instead of two, though, which makes it near EP-status, I suppose. Whatever. All of the songs here are pretty solid, so if you're going to buy a 7" single, get this one. 'Cause it's better than a lot of albums.

1. 1945
Despite being the A-Side, this is my least-favorite one on the single. Still, it's by no means bad at all. The song opens with the sound of a siren going off. It's a fast song describing the after-effects of the atomic bomb on Japan in World War II. Very cool solo towards the end.

2. Under My Thumb
I actually used to think Social Distortion wrote this song too. Turns out it's just a Rolling Stones cover. Still, the band makes it their own -- it definitely sounds like something Social Distortion would have written. It's basically a song about gaining the affection of a girl who once fucked you around. Beautiful riff and melody. Wonderful solo.

3. Playpen
I like this one a lot, too. It's pretty slow compared to the other songs here. It's about kids having fun and throwing a party with loud music and beer and drugs in peace -- only to be persecuted by their neighbors, the police, and people who just think they're weird. Once again, the riff is awesome.

Later on in the year they released this, they recorded "Mommy's Little Monster" and released that album in 1983. This was truly a great era for Social Distortion (but their music has always been good). These songs truly capture the fear, alienation, aggression, and desires of young punks and a lot of kids in general -- alienated from the world, reluctant to grow up, wanting to live life the way you want but with just about everyone who stands in your way saying "no". The world is not a friendly place for the punk. But music like Social Distortion's waves the beacon of freedom high, letting one know that he/she is not alone, and that you can try a different path in life and still make it. That's the message I get, anyways. But yeah, I like this record a lot. Try it aut.

(The Album Art to a Later Print of the Record)

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