Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Review #76: Death Piggy - Love War (EP) (1984)


Year: 1984
Genre: Punk Rock
D.S.I. Records
8 Minutes (Short)
My Rating:

You've probably heard of GWAR. Well, before GWAR, there wuz a band called Death Piggy. They formed in 1983 and stopped around 1986 or so. Punk Rock. This was their first record. It iz notable that the lead singer on this album is David Brockie. He would later become Oderus Urungus of GWAR. Still, he already sounds much like himself on this album. Enough about GWAR. More about Death Piggy.

1. G-O-D Spells God
In this song, the band welcomes you to their world... it's the World of Cheese... where G-O-D spells "God". Just like in the world I'm in right now -- WAIT, I'M IN THEIR WORLD. I don't see much cheese, though. It's relaxing, short, and clam. However, it quickly segues into...

2. Splatter Flick
... THIS SONG! It's a song about a slumber-party massacre in a splatter flick in which everyone probably dies and entrails and blood probably splatter everywhere. The riff for this one is so fun.

3. Eat the People
Another slower song about a person who simply can't control their appetite to the point of eating any person who they eat. David asks the people-eaters what they say to the people that they eat, and if they eat their feet (golly, that sure would be wasteful).

4. Fat Man
This one's real fast compared to the other songs. The chorus is a group chant of "WE LOVE YOU FAT MAN!". Hell, the song makes me want to eat. A lot of these songs are about eating-related topics, really. Awesome riff. I like the mid-section too. Has a nice roll to it. David can be heard about to puke at the very end. End of Side 1.

5. Nympho
Shortest and fastest song on the album. More lyrics about eating food. Mainly condiments on a sandwich. And baloney and salami.

6. Bathtub in Space
This one's a slow song. It's about being in a bathtub in space and being totally stuck. That situation would suck pretty bad. But sounds like the song's protagonist turned out alright because he's around to sing the song after this.

7. No Prob, Dude
See? He's okay! He even says "no prob, dude" -- see? He's doin' already. However, he lets us know that this boy won't eat fondue. And 'e won't be subdued, either. It's faster than "Bathtub in Space" but slower than "Nympho".

8. Mangoes and Goats
Starts out as a little love-ballad about mangoes and goats. However, a little "bump-bada" enters the mix and turns into a mysterious-sounding fast song about, well, the same damn thing. And that's the end, kids.

Okay, if there's one thing that's for certain here, it's that these guys were REALLY FUCKING HUNGRY! Seriously, just about every other song is about or contains a reference to food -- First song, it's cheese. Third song, it's eating people! Fourth song, it's about eating everything. Fifth song, it's about sandwiches. Seventh song, fondue. Eighth song? Mangoes. And I'm sure goat is considered a delicacy in some cultures. Maybe the producer should've given them a little snack break in the studio in-between recordings. I think the guys would've liked that. Now, you might ask what this all has to do with GWAR? Well, in the mid '80s, there was a Death Piggy show. They wanted to do some special for this show. They started the show with an acted-out intro involving the crew dressed in mutant-warrior costumes choppin' eachother up and squirting blood everywhere. This was an important event, though, for this minor performance act spun off into its own band soon enough. But yes, this is a good thing to listen to if you are hungry. It makes me hungry. It's about food, dammit. FUCKING FOOOD!!! AGSADHADASDASGDSAGSADGGGGGAGARRRRGGGGGHHHHH

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