Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Review #70: School Jerks - Nothing Else (Single)


Year: 2009
Punk Rock


Riff Raff Records


3 Minutes (Very Short)


My Rating:

I discovered and fell in love with the School Jerks on Sunday this week. There's a certain freshness to them. Enraged youthful slurred vocals, simplistic but hard-hitting instrumentation, and a sweet analog sound, they're one of the elite few bands of today that I willfully click the repeat button on when hearing a song. They're pretty new also, been around for just two years. They have released a demo tape and two 7" records -- this being the first 7". It has three songs on it.

1. Nothing Else
Fucking awesome riff. Great, loose vocals that resemble a live Darby Crash performance. All-around good song -- best one on the record! Exemplifies everything good about "normal" hardcore.

2. Stray
Fastest and shortest song. A little bit of guitar lead in this one.

3. Passed Out
A tempo similar to the first song's spliced between a pounding beat. The vocals are more easily heard in this tempo than in the second song. Longest song on the single (being about a minute and a half long).

It's very short, but well-worth the listen. Better than a ton of the other music that's out now! It's total classic, snotty, fun hardcore from another great Canadian band. The line-up for the band currently is: Luke, Ben, Ivan, and Matt. I'm not sure who does what. I just read it off the back album art of their other 7" EP. Someone please tell me who does what! Well, I don't know a whole ton else about this band, so I'm not going to keep going on like I do. So get and listen to this record... you won't regret!

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  1. By now you probably know this, but Luke sings, Ben plays guitar, Matt plays the bass and Ivan's the drummer. have a good day, sir.