Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Review #66: The Melvins - Sludge Glamorous (EP) (2010)


Year: 2010
Genre: Punk Rock
Sub-Genres: Post-Punk, Noise
Label: From the Nursery
Tracks: 3
Length: 22 Minutes (Medium-Length)
Style: Mysterious/Weird
My Rating: 6/8

In 2008, the Melvins released their latest all-original LP, "Nude With Boots". This is a 12" 3-song EP containing out-takes from the Nude With Boots sessions. It has been released on the new label, "From the Nursery".

1. Dies Iraea (Long Version)
A four minute version of this was on "Nude With Boots". This song is more or less a "cover" or the theme to the classic horror film, "The Shining", which itself is said to be an adaption of the 13th-Century hymn, "Dies Irae" (I wonder why they added that extra 'a' to the end, gee whiz). This version is over seven minutes long. It starts out ambient and spooky-sounding, but then it turns into a calm but slightly sinister instrumental song. This one's twice as long, however.

2. It Tastes Better Than the Truth (Alternate Mix)
This is just a remix of "It Tastes Better Than the Truth", the song that was at the end of "Nude With Boots". It's an avant-garde punk song using soundclips of a radio broadcast as well as singing by the Melvins and a repetitive but neat-sounding beat. End of Side 1.

3. Youth Of America
Originally appeared on "Electroretard". This is a cover of a song by the Wipers. It's a fast-paced punk rocker starting out with a lot of guitar-lead, but it's done in a way that doesn't sound corny and just sounds cool. After the intro, the lead-guitar turns into rhythm, and it has a great beat. Like the original song, this song is over ten minutes long, making it the longest song on the EP (seeing as it occupies an entire side by itself). The second half of the song is instrumental, with a long guitar solo. And that iz the END!

While it's nothing extremely new, at least the album gives us one last taste of what 'Nude With Boots' had to offer, as there weren't any new Melvins songs to hold us over in 2009 (which is abnormal for the Melvins) other than the Chicken Switch remixes (which aren't even songs). In a few months, we will be heading into a whole new era of the Melvins, with their new LP which hasn't been named yet, but from what's been said by the lucky few who HAVE heard them in the studio, it is going to sound different from anything they've done before. So, if you like the Melvins or noise-punk in general, you should check it out, especially if you liked the original versions of the three songs on this EP. Stay legit.

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