Friday, February 12, 2010

Review #64: Black Flag - T.V. Party (Single) (1982)

T.V. PARTY (Single)

Year: 1982
Genre: Punk Rock
SST Records
6 Minutes (Very Short)
My Rating:

Without a doubt, "TV Party" is the most famous Black Flag song. It's catchy, funny, and has lyrics misinterpreted by frat-boys unlike any other. There were two versions of this song... the one on "Damaged", and this version, which is a re-recorded one. This single contains three songs, the latter two of which cannot be found anywhere else, and these songs are the only recordings that were allowed to even be released in between "Damaged" and "My War" for legal reasons regarding SST, MCA, Unicorn Records, and the first Black Flag LP (Damaged). Anyways, here comes the big review-part that y'all have probably been waiting for. Here it is. I just said that. And I'll say it again... here comes the review part. dlkfjdsgfdklshdjdsvfjdsk,nfvdsksdb

1. T.V. Party
The famous one. Basically a satire on people who waste their time doing nothing but watching television all day and drinking beer. A lot of references to popular television shows of the time are made, such as 'Saturday Night Live', 'Quincy', and 'That's Incredible!'. There's a funny music video they did for this song.

2. I've Got to Run
This is a song by Black Flag a lot of people haven't heard. It's pretty fast (compared to the first song, at least), and has crazy bass. Extremely aggressive, fucked-up vocals from Henry -- sounds just like something that could've been in "Damaged".

3. My Rules
This song's really short. Pretty noisy. Overall, it sounds similar to the song before it, but it has a lot of musical pauses punctuating a lot of the sung lines. You hear a final rugged yell from Henry fade out just as the song ends.

It sucks that this one's only three songs long. But, that's what you expect in a single. Hell, a lot of singles only get two songs. Some even have just one! But still, this one is more of the kind of stuff that was on "Damaged" -- wild, angry, and noisy. All three of the songs are equally enjoyable, so there's nothing to regret about this one. I personally like this one's version of "T.V. Party" better, but some might disagree. Regardless of whether or not you actually "get" the lyrics, this little record should rile up any party where some punks (or people with just good taste in music) are involved, so what the hell, grab a couple of brews, sit around on your couch... and listen to THIS!


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