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Review #48: Nüklear Fear - Nüklear Fear (EP) (2009)


Year: 2009
Genre: Punk Rock
Sub-Genres: Hardcore
Label: None
Tracks: 9
Length: 21 Minutes (Medium-Length)
Style: Angry
My Rating: 5/8

Nüklear Fear is a new hardcore band from Dallas, Texas (a state which seems to produce some pretty good punk rock). If their MySpace was created the same time as the band formed, they've only been around for not even a year, but they already seem like they know what they're doing. In November, they released a new self-titled E.P. for free download AND for mail-order, so it's relatively easy to get ahold of this band's songs. More of their work will be featured on various punk compilations. Their sound is influenced by American and British punk rock such as G.B.H., the Reagan Youth, Agnostic Front, Motörhead, and the Circle Jerks. As a result, their sound is a thrashy, messy style of hardcore punk. Yet, there's a certain freshness, here. This band sounds like they could've written and recorded their songs back in 1981, which isn't a bad thing at all.

1. Time of Judgement
Starts with the riff repeated a few times with thumping bass drums and bass-guitar, until the whole thing goes into a thrasher. Terrorist, which I think is the name of the band's vocalist, barks the vocals like a dog. A punk-rock dog.

2. Raining Death
Slow intro which gradually speeds up. In the middle of the song it does the slow thing again. The chorus is a repeated chant of "raining death!".

3. Anxiety Attack
Can't think of much to say about this one. It'd be nice if I could find lyrics for these songs, y'know. Uhh... this song is fast.

4. All We Know
I really like the vocals on this one. Sounds a little like a young Ian MacKaye, here.

5. Confusion Their Conclusion
This one has a good riff. The riff sounds similar to Flipper's "Living for the Depression", but this song is much faster.

6. Genocide Nightmare

7. Kill Hardcore
Shortest song on the record. But why are we supposed to kill hardcore? And with what? A gun? A knife? Or maybe "kill" in this case is an adjective. It's hardcore for killing people. The only line in this song is "KILL HARDCORE", turns out.

8. No Need for This
Is this a love-song? The singing is so fast that I can't really tell. But maybe it is. dfgd

9. N
üklear Fear
Usually, in most hardcore bands, the band will actually have a song named after them. Such is the case with N
üklear Fear. And that's the lyrics to the song: "NüKLEAR FEAR!". It's repetitive, but it's got a really cool flow to it, for some reason. I like it. Longest song on the record, being actually over two minutes long. Favorite track on the album.

Hidden Track
Five minutes of silence... at about seven minutes into the final track, you hear the word "--four", as the SECRET SAWNG starts. It's not quite as fast as most of the songs on the record, but still pretty fast.

While the songs should appeal to any hardcore fan, the album production might not. I personally love the production, but it's really murky and lo-fi; it sounds like it was recorded live to a single tape-player. And maybe it was. But I do like these songs. It always makes me happy when I find out about a great new rock n' roll band. This is one of these. They've only begun, too, so try to support them if you can or if you live near them in Texas, because I think things are looking pretty good for 'em at this point. They know how to write a song, and they have a great sound, so I suggest you check them out. I'm going to provide you with the links to this EP and their MySpace page below:



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