Friday, January 15, 2010

Review #43: The Homostupids - The Edge (EP) (2008)


Year: 2008
Genre: Punk Rock
Sub-Genres: Hardcore
Label: P. Trash Records
Tracks: 3
Length: 4 Minutes (Very Short)
Style: Angry/Weird
My Rating: 6/8

The Homostupids are an American hardcore band that formed in 2005. Their records have a very rough, noisy sound with virtually zero production values. Because of this, they could also be categorized as "noise rock". The Homostupids, however, refer to their band as a "music band" (probably one of the most accurate descriptions one could give any band) and remind us to "buy all of their shit". I probably should. So should you.

1. Ron Items
Starts with some sort of vocal thing being yelled. The music may be abrasive, but there's still subtleties to pick out. They're actually playing pretty good songs, but the sound quality is ultra lo-fi. Well, the song's riff is more down-beat (rather than up-beat). Lots of clashing cymbals. The song is a minute long.

2. Weekend Er
My favorite song on the album. Why? 'Cause I like the riff. Pretty solid vocals of what I can make out. There's a nice slow section in the middle. Longest song on the record, being almost two minutes long. End of Side 1.

3. Back With the Wolf
More harsh screaming vocals. To a certain degree, the song's melody is bass-driven. Still, it seems like it ends sooner than normal. But that's the end of the record.

The time just flies by, but the songs are pretty good. They're not ultra-fast like a lot of hardcore songs, but fast enough to slam to. The sound quality makes me these songs were actually performed live. Hey, it's possible. Either that or performed into a single microphone. Vagina. Anyways, they released a NEW LP last month, called "The Load", so if you liked this record, I recommend you check that out as well. The band has a blog and a MySpace as well. A certain picture on their MySpace caught my interest:

Uhh... I think you're supposed to... color it... or something.

Anyways, here's the links to their Blog and MySpace. Have fun, childrens.

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