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Review #34: Vendetta - Kiss My Fist (EP) (2009)


Year: 2009
Genre: Punk Rock
Sub-Genres: Hardcore, Noise
Label: FastMade Recordings
Tracks: 7
Length: 12 Minutes (Short)
Style: Angry/Weird
My Rating: 6/8

Vendetta, one of the various bands from the European noise-punk scene (I'm not too keen on using "grunge" to describe bands that play faster music), formed in 2007, and the band is from France. I do not know a whole ton about them, except that the band incorporates elements of noise-rock and hardcore into their sound, and it's quite nice. This EP is up for listen on the band's MySpace page, as well as some demos and a live cut.

1. Outside Girl
Starts relatively cleanly, until that clean-ness is destroyed by fucking DIRTY guitars and yelling. This song sounds pretty Black Flag-inspired to some degree, but places more emphasis on the raw speed, noise, and energy. I can't understand the lyrics 'cause this band sings in a different language, but I can describe the song... aggressive, distorted, and noisy.

2. Bands Beach
I really like this one. As the title might imply, listening to this song makes me think about walking along a beach at night time. It's an instrumental track. A slower beat than the previous track, and some psychedelic, peaceful-sounding guitars. It gets REALLY grungy right at the very end. It's a pretty song, though.

3. Run Run Run
This is a fast song. More drunk-sounding singing from Gotch, the band's vocalist and guitarist. Very thrashy and distorted.

4. Bloody Blow Yet
Another instrumental. Starts with a peaceful-sounding guitar intro. The drum-beat fades in, and the guitars get more aggressive and distorted. While initally slow, the song speeds up and there are phaser effects implemented. The song alternates between fastness and slowness.

5. TAB in Hell
My least favorite song on the record. It's still alright, though. It's fast and heavy, like the first track.

6. Psychotic Reaction
Fastest song on the album! Starts with a very fast beat, and then there's some singing. It's a very slam-dancy sorta song. They made a music video for this song.

7. 0$ Jam
ANOTHER instrumental. Basically a total noise-fest that alternates between very fast and very slow. Pretty neat to listen to... unfortunately... that's all there is on this album! It's over!

In my opinion, Vendetta seems like a band with a lot of potential. They actually remind me of hardcore punk and noise-punk a lot more than grunge, yet they don't seem like they're clinging to any specific cliche or stereotype, and they have a lot of original elements. I just wish there was more... hopefully they'll do some more releases! The album reminds me the most of the Meat Puppets and Black Flag circa the early '80s. If you like those bands, you should check these guys out. Also, these guys are huge Nirvana fans, and there's a few Nirvana elements as well, so it's pretty good. It's a fresh, exciting soup of psychedelic punk madness!
MySpace URL: www.myspace.com/bloodybloodyet


Vendetta Psychotic Reatcion 1er CLIP

VENDETTA | MySpace Music Videos

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