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Review #232: T.S.O. - Parasomnia Pseudo Suicide (2011)


Year: 2011
Hardcore Punk
Length: 14 Minutes
My Rating:

Hi y'all. I've just come back from the doldrums of a really bad fucking trip, so just bear with me, bears. Or whatever, I dunno, I'm just here to say that things got really shitty for a few days and I'm slowly starting to feel loike muh old self again so I'm sorry if I can't be mister sunshiney for a few days. People have their little moments... mine just seem to happen more frequently than not lately. But ol' Chuck Fuck is gonna be okay. I'm pretty sure I don't have permanent brain damage and I should be alright by the end of this week. Let's just say I got fucked up on robitussin and saw n' heard some EXTREMELY frightening, traumatizing, cosmically lame shit. Ever seen the divide between life and death? Yeah, it was gettin' REAL bad, man. When you're sitting on a chair shaking and staring at the shattered remains of reality like a broken mirror, you're about to tip over that edge and you need a break from drugs. It seems like this whole month I've been getting myself into shit. But tonight I'm gunna start writing this review, which is something non-destructive (but still fun, kids) that I can do with my time.

Okay, so we know that T.S.O. is an Italian hardcore ponk band formed in October of 2010. Which is cool. Okay, okay, so we know that. The band's name is an abbreviation for an Italian phrase meaning "mandatory medical treatment" (in English). This is the band's first demo recording and it has a really cool name like PARASOMNIA PSEUDO SUICIDE, and they're not afraid to whore out a jillion images of Lung Leg (who iz cool), and that's awesome... the music rocks really hard also... fast, energetic, harsh, y'know, the works! The members of the band are Sarah Lynn (vocals/guitar), Nicola (bass guitar), and Guido (drums). They even gots a GG Allin cover, which is pretty kol. Look, if we're gonna go review shit, then let's review it. sh but this review isn't SHITE, it's LEGITE, so lut's go listen to these songs and then state the obvious or make really dumb jokes about them or something. I dunno. Here we GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..............................

1. My Mind
The chorus is kinda catchy. As with many albums, it's too bad I don't know the lyrics. I SMASH YER FACE AGAINST THE WALL, FUCK YEAH!! I like how she yells that "Right noooOOOOOOOWWW" at that last part a lot. Cool song.

2. A Bloody Diving Down
Slow song... yaeeeyyyy! The guitar sound is really thick and sludgy, which iz great. Starts out with a kind of psychedelic phaser sound... I love it. YAY FOR HARD-ASSED GUITAR DISTORTION. I like the chorus part a lot... Sarah Lynn (yes, that is the singer's name) has a cool singing voice and the vocal melodies she comes up with are very nice. There's a guitar solo in the middle of the song. Still think the chorus iz the best part. I like this song much. YAYAYAYyysfdsgjdflkgldfgdfjlkgfdlkdfkhfghfghflgjhfg It's like some dude was getting really bloody as s/he's diving down a scrapey scraggly concrete tunnel of PAIN. Pain sucks.

3. Scummy Human Being
This one is really fast. Fucking great guitar riff, I already know that... the vocals are packed with an intensity and fire, the beat is fast like Minor Threat... it's simple but it get ze job done, which is the job of being an awesome, fun to listen to punk song. Human beings can be pretty scummy if thuh haven't showered in a long time. It has a great energy to it. Awesome production also.

4. Dried Root
I like this song a lot too. Starts out with a bass riff and then a guitar riff and you can hear the (henry) rollin' (s) drums and then things get all kicked off n' shit. Part of the reason I like this song so much is because the verse riff is the same riff as the ending part of one of my own songs that I wrote... and I wouldn't have used that chord progression if I didn't like it. The chorus section is more upbeat-soundin'... like those maniac "HAHAHAHA"s she throws into the second verse, it's awesome... kind of a Johnny Rotten-soundin' flair; violent and sarcastic like good punk muzick should be, fucker!!

5. Beat to Death (Murders)
Once again, this has got cool chords. I like the singing. A bunch of other shit I've said about other songs. But it's a good song, OKAY??!!!! Towards the end there are a bunch of samples of people talking to eachother. There's a solo, too.

6. Lotta Per Il Potere
This is a cover of a band called Kollettivo. It's really fast and aggressive and the singing is very fast here. It's the shortest song on the record, being just under a minute long. But it's short and sweet and awesome! Great song to slam to in a power-pit o' mayhem.

7. Bite It (You Scum)
Oh, fuck. This a mid-tempo, angry but confident rock song (what'd ya think it was gonna be, hip-hop?) about wanting to kick the ass of somebody who wants you to do a bunch of shit for you... the "you" in this case being Mister Allin, of course! In a way I have to say this is the weakest track on the demo, not that it isn't good, or even musically my least favorite, but it doesn't feel nearly as angry or fucked-up as the GG Allin version... GG sounds really angry and the vocals here don't sound as convincing... not knocking, it just doesn't feel exactly the same. But it's hard to be exactly the same as GG Allin, isn't it? Oh shit, I must be the very type of person this song is raging against. Fuck me! FORGIVE MY SINS, OHHH LORDIE! There's a guitar solo in the middle too. But yeah, it's a decent cover but obviously not as good as the original.

So there's my review on the T.S.O. demo. Definitely worth listening to... one of the hardest-rocking releases to come out this year so far, almost every song on this is totally awesome and it's got all the right ingredients to some good, totally awesome music! The chord progressions are very potent, the singing is good and unlike a lot of hardcore nowadays, Sarah actually attempts to sing, which is really refreshing... c'mon you motherfucks, it's not THAT un-punk to actually use vocal melodies! Try it, it might actually make your band BETTER! I think this band has "it". What is "it"? THEY SAY "what is it?" THEY SAY "what is it?"... YOU WANT IT OUT BUT YOU CAN'T HAVE IT... (yeah yeah yeah), IT'S IN YOUR FAAACE, BUT YOU CAN'T GRA --sorry 'bout that. Sorry very much, sirs n' ladies of the world. Okay, yes, listen to this band, they are on MySpace, they are Reverbnation, so go listen. NOW!!!!!! Bye bye.

(p.s. -- lyrics and names of other band members would be nice to know of.)

Top 3 Favorites:
1. A Bloody Diving Down
2. Scummy Human Being

3. Dried Root

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