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Review #231: Tryblith - Demo (2011)


Year: 2011
Black Metal
Length: 26 Minutes
My Rating:

Tryblith is a black metal band from Dayton, Ohio. It was formed in 2009 originally as a solo project of Havik/Alex Jones (also drummer for the End of Time). The band has not yet released a full album but they have released a demo. The band now consists of Havik (drums), Helvete (guitar), Tzaboath (bass guitar), and Nihilus (vocals). According to founder and drummist Havik, the band is centered around the concepts of abstract subconscious philosophy, Shamanism, occultism, and anti-cosmic Luciferianism. The demo consists of five songs.

1. Adorning the Circle of Stones With Laurel and Flame
Starts out with a soft, wispy sound/vibe flowing through yer eardrums... very tranquil, but it's hard to tell whether it's going to ascend or drop... you can hear what almost sounds like the wind blowing in the background... towards the end of the song you can hear other types of instruments, often abruptly cutting eachother off... it's a really beautiful sound.

2. A New Aeon of Desecration
Real crunchy guitar riff and a very slow beat... the guitar sound is crunchy but it has a flow to it, like water or wind almost. Not potato chip crunchy. Like, maybe if there was an ocean or river of potato chips flying towards your head. Sometimes the guitar sounds like it's doing a somersault or something... those little parts where it stops momentarily and goes into a different riff. I say the word "riff" to much... there needs to be another word for chord-progressions... suddenly, you hear a monster-like growl and the song transitions to a thrash mode... very fast now. The vocals sound like a fucking beast... growled, bellowed noises... fucking rabid. I love vocals that sound like that. They echo too. Barely even sound human. No idea what the lyrics are about but I'll just take the song title's word(s) for it. A new aeon of desecration? OKAY. But desecration of WHAT? SO MANY MYSTERIES... OFFF RUUUAHAHHGHHHHHHHhjhhhhblonnkkjgguurrruuaaahhh. Yeah!!!

3. Convergence of Eternal Winter
Really fuckin' fast! The vocals are more of a dark-sounding whisper here... more intelligible than the last song but I still don't know what the hell he's saying. The riff feels like mayhem... like a volcano's about to errupt and there's nothing you can do about it... because you are standing right on top of the piece of land where the volcano is about to erupt. 1/3 through the song, it fades into a cleaner-sounding section with a really beautiful guitar melody being played. However, it cuts back into a fast but not as fast as the first part. Different riff here. Eventually it returns to the original section of the song... and then there is another clean guitar-only part, but it's a different melody here. After that fades out, the song returns to a fast part with a guitar solo. Song fades out when it is over.

4. Visions of a Long Dead Past
Begins with a really awesome guitar riff and an extremely fast beat... the chord progression changes and the beat slows down to half as fast... the vocals are screamed like a fucking demon. Or whatever sounds like what the singer of this song sounds like when singing this song. This one's packed with a lot of rage and aggression. It's like a freight train headed full speed ahead right for ya! Your best push in the opposite direction won't stop it from crushing you. Imagine if you played this music to people in the fucking 1950s... then suddenly there's a clean guitar-only part with the vocalist (not sure which one) saying some spoken lines while the guitar plays. The strum of the chord with the watery sound is a great touch. Things get real powered-up again for the ending part. The ending port. I'd say this is my favorite song on the demo.

5. The Light Fades Upon a Darkening Horizon
Instrumental. Starts out with a clean guitar intro with ambient sound in the background... as the guitar playing continues, the ghostly noise surrounding it intensifies and almost seems to overpower the central section of this part of the song. It's like a jillion clouds slowly moving in until they fog up everything... cold. Or is it? Maybe they are warm clouds... for some reason I get visuals of the cold and cold things when listening to this album but maybe that's 'cuz it's raining out right now. Appropriate way to end the album seeing how it started off.

So that's the Tryblith demo. I forget if they said they were making an actual album anytime soon but here we have this, and plus, they are playing live so why not just go FUCKING SEE THEM LIVE OR SOME FUCKING SHIT BEFORE ALL OF THE MEMBERS DIE IN SOME FREAK ACCIDENT INVOLVING CLOUDS???!!!! I haven't listened to a ton of black metal to be honest so I don't know how this compares to other black metal bands, but I like what they do... the combining of fast thrash music, more mellow ambient sections, and unhuman vocals is something I really fucking like... kind of similar to what I wanna do musically but in a more "punk" way than this band. If you havun't check aut the band The End of Time, which contains two members of this band, I suggest you do, if you are a fan of hardcore punk rock. I just wish I knew the lyrics. So there's yer Tryblith... they write about the occult and weird subconscious events and shit like that. And they even sing about it, too! SOMETIMES, they even scream about it. 'Cuz THAT'S just the kinda people they are... this is like the kind of music you listen to when you're lost in the middle of the icedesert or something and you're starving to death. Or maybe the band has somethin' else in mind. I don't know. Go listen to this.

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