Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Review #131: Reproach/A.N.S. Split (EP) (2008)


Year: 2008
Genre: Punk Rock
Sub-Genres: Hardcore, Thrash
Label: Still Holding On Records
Tracks: 11
Length: 11 Minutes
Style: Angry/Wild
My Rating: 6/8

Obviously, this is a split EP between Reproach and A.N.S. And it's a 7" vinyl. Wax. Know what I'm sayin'? I think you do. Both bands are hardcore punk groups with heavy metal influences and a love for skateboarding. A.N.S. formed in 1999 in Texas (U.S.A.), and Reproach formed in 2000 in Belgium. There are eight Reproach songs (all extremely fast and short) and three A.N.S. songs (slightly less fast and short).

1. Reproach - "You Deserve It"
Loud, angry vocals. The second half of the song is ultra-fast.

2. Reproach - "Skateboarding Saves"
Slow intro with an awesome metal-ish riff. Extreme blast-beats thrash about in the second part of the song. There's backing vocals, also.

3. Reproach - "The Fallout"
The first part is slow. The second part is extremely fast. The third part is slow.

4. Reproach - "Onward to Destruction"
Very fast parts and kinda fast parts. Really growly backing vocals. Durrrrhhh!

5. Reproach - "L.A.P.D. Can Suck It"
Shortest song on the 7"! Sweet Seventeen seconds long. Lightspeed mega-thrash beats and awesome slower bits inbetween.

6. Reproach - "Kicked in the Teeth"
Yet another fast song. Not much else I can think of to say that makes this track stand out.

7. Reproach - "Family Shooting"

8. Reproach - "Fuck Us All"
This song's about a person who probably wants the listener to fuck ALL OF US. EVERY ONE OF US. YEAH. GOOD GOIN', BUDDY. Anyways, that's the end of the Reproach side of the record.

9. A.N.S. - "Kooks Go Home"
Now for something fast, but with slightly more emphasis on musicality than speed. The first half of the song is instrumental. Slow, very cool, sort of ominous, and I like it. Midway through the song, things speed up, and the vocalist starts singing, sounding like a cross between Henry Rollins and the guy from J.F.A. A head-pumping beat, and excellent riffage. Even a few mini-solos in the background. The song changes again towards the end of the song to get even faster, and then, believe it or not, it continually gets speedier and speedier until we're at speeds rivaling the eight tracks before this song. But then things cool down and the song slows down. This is the longest song on the EP. And probably the best, also.

10. A.N.S. - "Locals Only"
I wonder if it's named after the J.F.A. EP of the same name... anyways, it starts off with a slow intro until the vocalist screams "LOCALS ONLY!!". Pretty much a typical hardcore song. A little mini solo here and there.

11. A.N.S. - "Dawn Patrol"
An instrumental track. Begins with the sounds of sea gulls and waves at the beach. And with that said, this song has a bit of a surf-y guitar sound to it. It's fast, too! In one part it gets extremely fast. But yeah, no singing here, so you can just enjoy the krazy franticity of the whole thing. There's a short heavy metal-type solo in one part. But yes, that iz the end.

"Kooks Go Home" is definitely the stand-out track, here. I personally prefer the A.N.S. songs over the Reproach songs -- they're excitingly fast, but eventually it gets quite same-y and grating. The best track of that side of the EP is probably "The L.A.P.D. Can Suck It". What you like best from this little 7", that'll be up for you to decide if you have listened to it. But if you want to listen to some extremely fast music today, go listen to this or something. Until next time!

Top 3 Favorites:

1. Kooks Go Home (A.N.S.)
2. Dawn Patrol (A.N.S.)
3. The L.A.P.D. Can Suck It (Reproach)

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