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Review #160: Rejectors/The Accüsed - Through My Mind's Eye/Please Pardon Our Noise... (1983)


Year: 1983
Genre: Punk Rock
Sub-Genres: Hardcore
Label: Rejectors Records/Fatal Erection Records/Public Safety Records
Tracks: 27
Length: 38 Minutes
Style: Political/Angry
My Rating: 5/8

In 1983, two bands from the infancy of the Seattle punk scene, which was during then home to bands like these two and the Fartz, released a split LP with two titles, so it's pretty much two albums for the price of one. The Rejectors had released a 7" EP a year prior, and as far as I know this is the first record released by the Accüsed. But it's pretty good. The years of the Seattle scene before "grunge"... Buzz Osborne said before bands like this there were just a lot of shitty cover bands... and before THAT, there were artists like Heart and Jimi Hendrix, but that's a whole 'nother topic, so I'm here to review this two-band effort. Let us cunt-inue...

1. Rejectors - "Struggle"
A fast song about using your mind to overcome the restrictions on freedom from the government and mainstream society.

2. Rejectors - "Anti-Patriot"
This song condemns blind patriotism to capitalist and communist governments, and the singer maintains that we must "protest to prevent our extinction" by war.

3. Rejectors - "Gang Bang"
This song tells us to "fuck" the Nazis, the KKK, the Army, and of course, Ronald Reagan. I guess he really does want us to fuck these people. Hence the title, "gang bang". Well, time to go defile Ronald Reagan's dead corpse in some homo-necro-sexual FUN FESTIVITY!

4. Rejectors - "Through My Mind's Eye"
Whaddaya know, another fast song. The song talks about how through our seeing-eyes we only get to see what the system wants us to know and think, but through your "mind's eye" you can use the power of knowledge to see the truth.

5. Rejectors - "No Justice"
An anti-authority song that exposes the government as pulling a false sheet of "justice" over the American people when in reality they can do whatever the hell they want and get away with it.

6. Rejectors - "My World"
The riff reminds me of the Ramones on speed. The song's about an imagined world with no laws, no borders, no war, just freedom and peace.

7. Rejectors - "Conservative Minority"
This one has a lot of meaning today still, with the huge amount of conservative moral-majority types having sort of a resurgence in the U.S.A. today during the bleak Obama era. And for once it's actually a different speed! Basically a "fuck you" to anti-abortion anti-feminsm anti-rights bigots. If there is a Hell, I'm sure Falwell is roasting there, that dickhole...

8. Rejectors - "Masque of A"
The sheet inside the album has the "A" written as an anarchy symbol, but I couldn't find it with Character Map so it's just a regular 'A'. The riff here is pretty cool to listen to. Apparently the song is based on a poem by P. B. Shelley as well. It talks about an anarchist revolution against the government.

9. Rejectors - "Work Machine"
This song exposes the capitalist system which fucks over the working class and everyone except for "those who instigate" and incites a new age of rebellion "now that the Phoenix has come". Pretty cool.

10. Rejectors - "Proud Few"
Starts out with a cool intro that gets progressively faster. This song iz an anti-war song about killing in wars and asking people why they go to war to kill innocent people. Probably so they can get some goddamn money and pay for an education -- that's why most kids I know are joining the army. And it sucks this is the only way for some people. I'd rather be a bum than join the army.

11. Rejectors - "False Prosperity"
I like this one. The melody is great and it's slow and the vocals sound good here. The song sings about a longing for peaceful anarchy and an overthrow of the system which is pretty one-sided.

12. Rejectors - "Change"
"Change"... that word that Obama molested into having absolutely no meaning... except for those quarters and pennies you get back when you pay a few cents more than how much the item you purchased costs. Nice riff. Starts out slow, then it gets fast.

13. Rejectors - "The End"
An apocalyptic doomsday sort of anthem predicting a nuclear blast ending all mankind under the reign of Ronnie Reagan. I like the riff. One of the few songs on the Rejectors side of the album that makes it past two minutes. And that's the end of THIS side of the album. Nowwwww, it iz TIME... for THAT side.

14. The Accüsed - "Tomorrow Belongs to Me"
Personally I prefer this half of the record... the Accüsed's tracks have a little more variety and attitude to them. Sorry, Rejectors. This song is really fast n' short. Cool little bass-line in the beginning of the song.

15. The Accüsed - "Child These Days"
This songproclaims that "time is short for a child these days", portendig that the children of the Reagan era would have little to no future after the expected effects of the Cold War were to take place. Nice singing.

16. The Accüsed - "Bring the Riots to the U.S.A."
The song alludes to a 14-day riot held in the U.K. by punks and skinheads that made the Queen pretty upset, and asks that the punks in the U.S.A. could do the same for the sake of freedom.

17. The Accüsed - "No Reason"
Fast with a slow mid-section. This song condemns the religious wars fueled by people overzealous religious bigots who want to be the only religion that exists on the planet.

18. The Accüsed - "Political Nightmare"
"Political Nightmare" repeated over and over again.

19. The Accüsed - "Gain Green"
This one's real fast and it's got a cool riff. This song's about boring people who chase wealth and money 'cause they have nothing better to do. Than watch T.V. and have a couple of brews... oh, wait.

20. The Accüsed - "I'm a Mistake"
This song describes feeling like a "failed abortion" that society wants to kill/wipe out for not fitting in with the status quo.

21. The Accüsed - "Wake the Fuck Up!"
This song is sung from the viewpoint of the government who tells people who want peace to "stop whining", as they do away with Vietnam and small bombs and the easy life and launch a nuclear WAR.

22. The Accüsed - "What About Later?"
This song's about a kid with a "rich ol' Mom" who pays his way for having a car and a "nice looking girlfriend" and to buy some hash, and nw feels helpless without a job on hs own since his Mom iz dead. Fast sandwich with a slow middle part.

23. The Accüsed - "Live Our Own Lives"
Easly the best song on the album. All the chord progressions are fucking awesome, and it's slow arts interspliced with really fast arts. This song's about how the government shouldn't hold drafts send kids off to war so that they can get a chance to live their own lives in peace.

24. The Accüsed - "Life's a Waste"

25. The Accüsed - "Like You"
Third song in a row to start with the letters "L" and "i". HA HA HA. HAAAAA. Neat heavy metal-sounding intro. "I pick my nose (like you), I scratch my butt (like you), I eat some food (like you), I'll pop a lude (like you); I'm no different, I'm the same -- the only difference is you're so lame!"

26. The Accüsed - "Reagan's War Puppets"
Another really great song! I first heard it when the Melvins covered it on an old live bootleg of them playing in 1986, but this version is slower and longer than the Melvins' version (usually they do that the other way around). It pokes a little fun at the army, calling them just "war puppets" for Ronald Reagan, predicting a war in El Salvador. Awesome vocals here. Such a catchy riff...

27. The Accüsed - "The Right"
Th song shws the mpete and total rony f the "rght to reman silent" and it's real fast and sht lke you prbably exected. Bt my keybrd sck.

Yeah, T'S taken longer than normal to write ths revew cause my keybard has taken the anarchst ilphis f the tw bands to heart and s revolting against the opressve reign f my fingers and 've been trying t cver t p but 'M GIN p becase tying lke this scks, bt eh, this ewas a pretty god record bt it cold be better. The Rejecs side okay but I like the Accsed side pretty good. The Rejectors were pretty much done after this, but the Accüsed went on and became more of a thrash-metal band, so they have a lot of albums after this to listen to. But that's all I have to say, looks like my keyboard is working alright again. Stay legit and stuff. Bye bye.

Top 3 Favorites:
1. Live Our Lives (The Accüsed)
2. Reagan's War Puppets (The Accüsed)

3. Gain Green (The Accüsed)

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