Monday, August 2, 2010

Review #142: Pukeoid - Demo (EP) (2010)


Year: 2010
Genre: Punk Rock
Sub-Genres: Hardcore
Label: Not Normal Tapes
Tracks: 8
Length: 6 Minutes
Style: Angry/Dark
My Rating: 6/8

Pukeoid is a new hardcore band from Indiana (not terribly far from where I'm from), and they're pretty damn wild! They formed in August 2009 (about the same time I started doing White Noize songs), and this iz the band's very first offering. It's a nice eight-song cassette tape with a bizarrely sexy cover, and only one song is barely over a minute, so who could go wrong with THAT? Well, let's see how very wrong this could go, so let's listen to this six-minute mash of mayhem...

1. Neva Follow
Slow intro. Quickly turns into a fast thrasher! Damn, this iz an angry sounding song... it's about not wanting to fall into the trap of the conventional enslaved average lifestyle that most Americans follow.

2. T.V. Junkie
Extremely fast on both ends of the sandwich, but slow in the middle. This song also attacks conventions of the American lifestyle, accusing people who watch television shit all day of being useless human beings filling their minds with corporate garbage.

3. Choke

4. Shot in the Head
Once again, nice riff. This one's a little more mid-tempo. First song I heard by the band. It's about feeling empty and bored in society and feeling like there is no purpose for life.

5. Suffocate
Shortest and fastest song! I imagine a great slam pit going on with performances of this song. This song's about having suicidal thoughts. The song has a totally awesome riff, too.

6. Gimme Death
The only song that even gets to a minute long. It's a slower, heavier song, which adds some nice variety to the mix... some weird, creepy lead guitar notes also sorta float around here. In the middle, there's a fast part, but then the song gets slow again. Once again, the lyrics here are about suicide, but this one also talks about cutting and self-mutilation. An accurate portrayal of the emptiness of being a young person in a dead middle-american society.

7. Shame Society
Another good riff. It slows down a tiny bit at the very end, and there's a really nice guitar solo after that.

8. Line of Fate
Good tempo variations here -- it goes from really fast to just sorta fast. This song's about wanting to just end the entire world to rid it of all of its problems. Pretty good closing song.

Well, it's pretty good, and it's kind of exciting to know there's a new band that's actually kind of close to where I live that sounds really good. Maybe sometime I will get to see 'em! But yeah, this tape definitely scrapes into the jadedness of the youth today in our culture. In a society that completely ignores the real misfits and loners and continually rewards conformity to their desired standards, many of us often feel completely alone and many times suicidal. That's what the songs on here are about. The music is pretty good; not much that hasn't been done before, but it feels pretty damn real, so it's all legit and stuff. If you enjoy super-fast, raw-as-shit hardcore punk, then I recommend you check it out. OH! And check out this wondrous POSTER that comes with the tape!

Hope you enjoyed my review. Check the band out on MySpace or whatever else you want if you hate MySpace.

Top 3 Favorites:
1. Suffocate
2. Gimme Death
3. Shame Society

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